Alexandra is a postgraduate researcher whose studentship has been generously funded by a University of Leeds Economics Scholarship. Prior to taking up this position, in September 2020, she spent several years working in the charity sector, with roles at the British Exploring Society and the Science Museum Group. With a background in Biological Sciences, and training in Ecological Economics, she aspires to contribute to the growing body of interdisciplinary research that looks to address todays’ ‘wicked’ problems. In particular, her research project looks to understand and reframe consideration of climate finance in respect to the social contract, with the aim of investigating how current national institutions currently, or could evolve to, structurally enable the delivery of a just international programme of climate finance. 

Research interests

International political economy; institutional economics; ecological economics; stratification theory; theories of justice; gifts and reciprocity; climate change; critical realist methodologies.


  • BSc Biological Sciences with Intercalated Year, University of Warwick
  • MSc Ecological Economics, University of Leeds