Professor Andrew Robinson



PhD, Profit-Sharing, Participation and Performance, The University of Bradford Management Centre.
MSc Economics, The University of York.
BA (Hons) Economics, 1st Class Honours, The University of Lancaster.


Andrew Robinson is Professor of Accounting and Finance at Leeds University Business School. Andrew is internationally recognised for his work on employee ownership, governance and firm performance and known for his empirical work on large national and international datasets incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data. He has published widely in leading academic journals including Personnel Psychology, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, the British Journal of Industrial Relations and Work Employment and Society and has acted as a consultant to leading international organisations including the European Parliament, the European Commission, the International Labor Office and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Andrew has been involved in numerous UK and European research projects on employee ownership and financial participation including those funded by the ESRC and the European Commission and has just finished a project for the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health and another for the International Labor Office in Geneva. Andrew is currently working on projects with the Employee Ownership Association and the Yorkshire Building Society. Andrew is a co-founder of the White Rose Employee Ownership Centre  ( a research centre spanning the universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield that bring together academics and practitioners from the field of employee ownership. He was also recently elected to the Council of the International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP). Andrew has held visiting positions in New Zealand and is currently visiting professor at the Universit Panthon-Assas, Paris-II, France.

Andrew is the author of over twenty-five refereed articles, 11 book chapters and over 10 major reports as well as a textbook on business and macroeconomics. He has published seven papers in world elite 4 rated journals and his paper on the impact of workplace practices on labour productivity was voted one of the top 50 management papers of 2008. Andrew is known for his empirical work on large national and international datasets incorporating both financial and workplace data and the use of visual representations of statistical output.

Andrew has been awarded research contracts from both the corporate sector and academic funding bodies. His most recent work includes a project for Co-operative Development Scotland looking at the performance of employee-owned enterprises and he is currently involved in a long-term collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce aimed at providing more timely and relevant information on the performance and challenges facing the Yorkshire economy through their Quarterly Economic Survey. Most recently he has won funding from the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Health to carry out an 18 month project which will empirically investigate the effect of financial participation schemes on remuneration and employment in France and the UK. This is in partnership with colleagues from the Universit de Paris II where he is a visiting professor. Andrew has supervised dissertations across the Masters and Doctoral programmes and currently supervises four Phd students.

Funded Research Contracts

Why do companies use financial participation and what are the consequences on  earnings and employment? Evidence from France and the UK, (with F. Fakhfakh & V. Perotin).
Le Minstere Du Travail, De LEmploi et de al Sante, Direction de l'Animation de la Recherche, des Etudes et des Statistiques (DARES)
35,750, Co-Investigator, April 2011 September 2012.

Economic Intelligence on the Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Yorkshire Region. Higher Education Innovation Fund.
In partnership with Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.
17,320 (plus in-kind funding from the Chamber of Commerce)
Principal Investigator, November 2010.

Funding for Visiting Professor at Universit Panthon-Assas, Paris II, France.
3000 per annum  2010&2011

Framework for Future Measurement of Performance in Employee- Owned Firms (with Pendleton, A.). Co-operative Development Scotland.
21,500, Co-investigator, January 2009

Collective Bargaining, Employee Participation and Firm Performance: A comparative empirical study of British, French and Japanese data. (with Perotin, V. and Fakhfakh, F.). International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland. Comparative Study of Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining.
$14, 000, Co-investigator, August 2008.

Research project on Workplace Risk Invited research visit and collaboration with Professor Clive Smallman, Lincoln University, New Zealand.
NZ$7,500, Sole Recipient, 2008-09.

Data Collection and Evaluation of the EU Equal Project. Campaign for Learning.
8,200, Sole Recipient, 2005.

Analysis of Blueprint for Business Success, (with Stuart, M). Campaign for Learning.
6,000, Co-investigator. May - July 2003

Equal Opportunities Practices and Performance in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. (with Perotin, V. & Loundes, J.) International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland. InFocus Programme on Promoting the Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
$12,000, Co-investigator, 2002.

Determinants of individual pay and firms pay structures in the Czech and Slovak Republics.(with Prof Tor Erikson and Dr. Jaromir Gottvald) European Union Action for Co-operation in Economics (ACE) Programme.
91,480, Co-investigator, 1999-2000.

Invited research visit and consultant on a study being prepared on Forms of employment and enterprise performance, Cross-Departmental Analyses and Reports Team, International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland. 
1000, Sole recipient, 1999.

The Impact of Profit Sharing in Europe (IPSE). European Union (Human Capital and Mobility fund. This was part of a 250 000 project involving research teams from France, Italy (x2), Germany and the UK.
20 000, Co-investigator, 1995-1998

Empirical Analysis of the Performance of the UK Large Management Buy-Out Market Charterhouse Development Capital Limited.
15,000, Sole Recipient, 1996.

Profit Sharing in OECD Countries, prepared for the Working Party on Employment, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
$12000, Co-investigator, 1995.

Andrew has taught across a range of programmes overseas, executive, postgraduate and undergraduate in economics, finance and accounting. He has experience in course development and design and in putting together distance learning material. Andrew strongly believes that teaching should challenge students and encourage them to think, question and develop their own views.

Student Feedback

  • 'Our lecturer is simply fantastic, I can't imagine any other tutor taking this course'
  • 'He is my best lecturer and certainly the best tutor/lecturer that has ever taught me, he goes the extra mile to ensure his students understand the topics'
  • 'Wonderful lecturer'
  • A brilliant communicator who brought to life that which had previously been a considerably mystery
  • Energetic/interesting and provocative. 

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change