Professor Irena Grugulis discusses upskilling and reskilling adult workers

Writing for FE News, Professor Grugulis discusses the importance of upskilling and reskilling adult workers to help UK employers keep pace with international competitors.

In the article, published 19 December 2022, Professor Grugulis says that by the year 2025, according to the World Economic Forum, 44% of the skills that employees need to perform their roles will have changed, and nine out of 10 workers will need some form of reskilling. However, the results of two recent UK surveys reveal that 61% of employees say they do not have the skills they need for the next five years and 26% have not participated in workplace training for a decade.

With this information in mind, Professor Grugulis shares the findings of the research group ReWAGE:

We found that although there has been an increase in individual skills and qualifications, job design has failed to keep pace with these changes leading many workers in the UK to report that their skills are under-used and their level of autonomy has fallen dramatically.

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