The Leeds HR and people analytics meetup

You don't need to be an HR professional, or a data scientist or an HR futurist - everyone is welcome and we'll even provide you with some food and drink!

Everyone is using data and analytics to improve the way they make decisions - and the world of work, HR and management is no different. Tools now exist that allow us to analyse what employees want from work, and to quantify and predict the impact of 'people' on the business both now and in the future: There is no question about your workforce that HR/people data cannot provide more insight into and help you answer more accurately - and it is no longer just HR asking the questions.

On 27 November we are bringing together analytics enthusiasts from both HR and other data science backgrounds to discuss and share ideas around the practical experience of conducting analytics in 'people' decision-making, at the Leeds University Business School. By hosting these events, we hope to understand, progress and accelerate the adoption of data-driven decision-making by HR and people professionals.

You can register for this event here. 

About the speaker


Dr. Sharna Wiblen, Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

Dr Sharna Wiblen is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) within the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong in Sydney. Sharna works at the boundaries of talent management, IT and HR analytics with a focus on instigating, contributing to, and shaping informed conversations that unpack the complexity of talent concepts, genuine talent management and future leader talent identification.

Antony Williamson, Head of Workforce Systems at NHS England

Antony is a strategic HR leader and professional Workforce Planning & Management specialist with extensive cross-sector experience. Antony has a proven track record in systems, HR & OD, project management, strategic resource planning and analysis, as well as expertise in headcount planning & optimisation. Antony will be presenting an interesting analytics project.

The event will be hosted by Andy Charlwood, Professor of HRM at Leeds University, partners of the HR Analytics ThinkTank.