AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium 2018

27 - 30 June 2018

Plan view of office workers with marketing reports

The Power of Marketing in a Dynamic Global Economy

Wednesday 27 June: Arrivals in Leeds during the day
4.30pm Consortium registration and Welcome Faculty and Fellows arrive at the University of Leeds
Location: The Great Hall, University of Leeds
6.00pm Welcome reception and remarks
Location: The Great Hall, University of Leeds

  • Constantine Katsikeas (Consortium Co-Chair, Leeds University Business School)
  • Sir Alan Laglands (Vice Chancellor, University of Leeds)
  • Peter Moizer (Executive Dean, Leeds University Business School)
  • Rebecca Slotegraaf (President, AMA Academic Council)
  • Russ Klein (CEO, American Marketing Association) on AMA’s Vision and Brand Experience
7.30pm Welcome Dinner
Location: Main Refectory, University of Leeds
10.00pm Close
Thursday 28 June
7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast at hotel (for Consortium Faculty)
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast at Refectory (for Doctoral Fellows)
8:30am Introductory Plenary Session - The Future of Marketing: Issues and Directions
Location: LUBS G.02

  • Moderator: V. Kumar
  • Donald Lehmann: Modeling Perspectives
  • Leigh McAlister: Marketing Strategy Perspectives
  • Robert Meyer: Consumer Behavior Perspectives
  • Jagdish Sheth: Global Marketing Perspectives
10:00am Refreshment break
Location: Leeds University Business School (LUBS) Foyer
10:30am Research Frontiers I
1. Marketing Strategy I (Location: LUBS G.02)

Chair: Constantine Katsikeas


  • Rajdeep Grewal
  • Christine Moorman
  • Neil Morgan
  • Gerard Tellis
2. Digital Transformation in Marketing (Location: LUBS 1.33)

Chair: Ghasem Zaefarian


  • P.K. Kannan
  • Barak Libai
  • Kay Peters
  • Andrew Stephen
3. Consumer Behavior I (Location: LUBS 1.32)

Chair: Josko Brakus


  • Russell Belk
  • Amitava Chattopadhyay
  • Dhruv Grewal
  • Page Moreau
4. Modeling Customer Behavior (Location: Meadows Room 01)

Chair: Aris Theotokis


  • Pradeep Chintagunta
  • Tulin Erdem
  • Carl Mela
  • K. Sudhir
5. Personal Selling and Sales Management (Location: Meadows Room 02)

Chair: Constantinos Leonidou


  • Michael Ahearne
  • Bulent Menguc
  • Shrihari Sridhar
  • Sarang Sunder
12:00pm Lunch
Location: The Refectory, University of Leeds
1.15pm Concurrent Sessions: Effective Teaching
1. Simulations, Case-based, and Online Teaching (Location: LUBS G.02)

Chair: Dayananda Palihawadana


  • Simon Bell
  • Sunil Gupta
  • Mark Houston
  • Bernie Jaworski
2. Balancing Teaching and Research (Location: LUBS 1.33)

Chair: John Hulland


  • Shaphali Gupta
  • Michael Haenlein
  • Irina Kozlenkova
  • Bernd Schmitt
3. Teaching Marketing Analytics: Challenges and Solutions (Location: Meadows Room 01)

Chair: Matthew Robson


  • Robert Leone
  • Rajkumar Venkatesan
  • Ying Xie
  • Jonathan Zhang
4. New Teachers: What to Expect and How to Deliver (Location: Meadows Room 02)

Chair: Robert Duke


  • Bryan Bollinger
  • Frank Germann
  • Ju-Yeon Lee
  • Francesca Sotgiu
2:45pm Refreshment break
Location: Leeds University Business School Foyer (LUBS)
3:15pm Research Frontiers II
1. Consumer Behavior II (Location: LUBS G.02)

Chair: Alessandro Biraglia


  • Wayne Hoyer
  • Jeffrey Inman
  • Geeta Menon
  • Vikas Mittal
2. Marketing Strategy II (Location: LUBS 1.33)

Chair: Shuba Srinivasan


  • Jan Heide
  • Lopo Rego
  • Vanitha Swaminathan
  • Rajan Varadarajan
3. B2B Marketing (Location: Meadows Room 01)

Chair: Martin Heinberg


  • Koen Pauwels
  • Venkatesh Shankar
  • Rebecca Slotegraaf
  • Peter Verhoef
4. Global/International Marketing (Location: LUBS 1.32)

Chair: Vita Kadile


  • Kelly Hewett
  • Tomas Hult
  • Constantine Katsikeas
  • Jan Benedict Steenkamp
5. Consumer Welfare and Public Policy (Location: Meadows Room 02)

Chair: Babis Saridakis


  • Scott Burton
  • Cathy Cole
  • Dave Stewart
  • William Wilkie
5:00pm Downtime activities
Informal organized recreational activities
World Cup Football Screening – England v Belgium kick off 7:00pm – buses leaving at 6pm to evening venue, The Old Swan, Harrogate.
Digital Screening of M&S Archive – LUBS G.02, University of Leeds.
Badminton Game at Gryphon Sports Centre, University of Leeds.
Soccer at The Edge, University of Leeds.
6:00pm Buses depart early for World Cup screening at The Old Swan, Harrogate from Park Plaza Hotel and Storm Jameson Court
6:30pm Buses depart for dinner from Park Plaza Hotel and Storm Jameson Court (note: these buses are for those that do not wish to watch the football)
7:45pm Arrival drinks and dinner at The Old Swan, Harrogate

Remarks by supporters of the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium
  • Tomas Hult: Sheth Foundation
  • Carl Mela: Marketing Science Institute (MSI)
  • Stacy Wood: Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
  • Jeffrey Inman: Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP)
9:00pm Desserts, drinks, dancing and photo booth
Friday 29 June
7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast at hotel (for Consortium Faculty)
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast at Refectory (for Doctoral Fellows)
9:00am Plenary Session: Meet the Editors
Location: LUBS G.02


Moderator: Rebecca Slotegraaf

  • Michael Brady: Journal of Service Research
  • Scot Burton: Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
  • Naveen Donthu: Journal of Business Research
  • Rajdeep Grewal: Journal of Marketing Research
  • John Hulland: Journal of Academy of Marketing Science
  • Jeffrey Inman, Journal of Consumer Research
  • Constantine S. Katsikeas, Journal of International Marketing
  • V. Kumar, Journal of Marketing
  • Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Anne Roggeveen, Journal of Retailing
  • Roland Rust, International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • K. Sudhir, Marketing Science
10:30am Refreshment Break
Location: LUBS Foyer
11:00am Doing Research with Impact - Domains
1. Services Marketing and Branding (Location: Meadows Room 01)

Chair: Caterina Presi


  • Michael Brady
  • Zeynep Gurhan-Canli
  • Roland Rust
  • Valerie Zeithaml
2. CRM and Customer Engagement (Location: Meadows Room 02)

Chair: Bill Davvetas


  • Bruce Hardie
  • Manfred Krafft
  • Anita Pansari
  • Werner Reinartz
3. New Product and Innovation Management (Location: LUBS 1.33)

Chair: Magnus Hultman


  • Rajesh Chandy
  • Christoph Fuchs
  • Jaideep Prabhu
  • Alina Sorescu
4. Channels and Retail Management (Location: LUBS 1.32)

Chair: Giuseppe Musarra


  • Barbara Kahn
  • Murali Mantrala
  • Anne Roggeveen
  • Lisa Scheer
5. Consumer Behavior III (Location: Meadows Room 03)

Chair: Dionysius Ang


  • Nancy Puccinelli
  • Priya Raghubir
  • Stacy Wood
  • Rui Zhu
12:15pm Lunch
Location: Refectory, University of Leeds
1:30pm Plenary Session: Bridging Academia and Industry
Location: LUBS G.02

Moderator: Russell Winer
  • V. Kumar
  • Robert Palmatier
  • John Roberts
3:00pm Refreshment break
Location: LUBS Foyer
3:30pm Face-to-Face Sessions between Faculty and Doctoral Fellows (Groups)
Research breakout groups
  • RG1: Markus Giesler, Mark Houston, and Nicholas Paparoidamis
  • RG2: Seigyoung Auh, Michael Brady and Valerie Zeithaml
  • RG3: Simona Botti, Amir Grinstein and Robert Leone
  • RG4: Frank Germann, Satish Jayachandran and Vanitha Swaminathan
  • RG5: Yiting Deng, Rebecca Hamilton and Aris Theotokis
  • RG6: Druv Grewal, Shaphali Gupta and Lisa Scheer
  • RG7: Harald van Heerde, John Roberts, and Jonathan Zhang
  • RG8: Eric Fang, Anita Pansari and Stavroula Spyropoulou
  • RG9: Constantinos Leonidou, Venkatesh Shankar, and Amalesh Sharma
  • RG10: Bryan Bollinger, Irina Kozlenkova, and Koen Pauwels
  • RG11: Praveen Kopalle, S. Sriram, and Ying Xie
  • RG12: Eva Ascarza, Werner Reinartz and David Schweidel
  • RG13: Michael Lewis, Kay Peters and Sarang Sunder
  • RG14: Bruce Hardie, J. Andrew Petersen and Rebecca Slotegraaf
  • RG15: Lopo Rego, Alina Sorescu, and Shrihari Sridhar
  • RG16: Manfred Krafft, Anne Roggeveen, and Manjit Yadav
  • RG17: Andreas Eggert, Ajay Kohli, and Nick Lee
  • RG18: Naveen Donthu, Tomas G. Hult, and Dayananda Palihawadana
  • RG19: Kelley Hewett, John Hulland, and Stefan Worm
  • RG20: Christoph Fuchs, Priya Raghubir, and Jing Wang
  • RG21: Cathy Cole, Punam Keller, and Rui Zhu
  • RG22: Mark Forehand, Bernd Schmitt, and Stacy Wood
  • RG23: Bernie Jaworski, Andrew Stephen, and Narongsak Thongpapanl
  • RG24: Josko Brakus, David Gal, and Stefano Puntoni
  • RG25: Amitava Chattopadhyay, Hristina Nikolova and Nancy Puccinelli
  • RG26: Zeynep Gurhan-Canli, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, and Martin Schreier
  • RG27: Tulin Erdem, Carl Mela, and Rajkumar Venkatesan
  • RG28: Michael Haenlein, Matthew Robson, and Lena Steinhoff
  • RG29: Neil Morgan, Christine Moorman, and Francesca Sotgiu
5:20pm – 6.30pm Mini football tournament
7:15pm Buses Depart for Dinner from Park Plaza Hotel and Storm Jameson Court
6:30pm - Late Outing and Dinner at the Royal Armouries Museum
Saturday 30 June
7:00am - 8:00am Breakfast at hotel (for Consortium Faculty)
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast at Refectory (for Doctoral Fellows)
9:00am Doing Research with Impact – Data, Theory, and Methods
1. Theory and Conceptual Development (Location: LUBS 1.32)

Chair: Tony Byng


  • Simona Botti
  • Mark Houston
  • Ajay Kohli
  • Manjit Yadav
2. Using Unstructured and Big Data (Location: LUBS 1.33)

Chair: Sourindra Banerjee


  • Yiting Deng
  • Harald van Heerde
  • David Schweidel
  • S. Sriram
3. Conducting Field Experiments (Location: Meadows Room 01)

Chair: Maximillian Gerrath


  • Josko Brakus
  • Rebecca Hamilton
  • Anirban Mukhopadhyay
  • J. Andrew Petersen
4. Conducting Survey and Qualitative Research (Location: Meadows Room 02)

Chair: Zhaleh Najafi Tavani


  • Naveen Donthu
  • Markus Giesler
  • Satish Jayachandran
  • Punam Keller
5. Developing Empirical and Analytical Models (Location: Meadows Room 03)

Chair: Yeyi Liu


  • Eva Ascarza
  • Praveen Kopalle
  • Michael Lewis
  • Amalesh Sharma
10:30am Refreshment Break
Location: LUBS Foyer
11:00am Concluding Plenary Session: Deans’ Perspectives
Location: LUBS G.02

Moderator: David Stewart
  • Andrew Ainslie
  • Eric Spongenberg
  • Rajendra Srivastava
  • Beth Walker
12:30 Lunch (eat in or take away)
Location: LUBS Café