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Associate Professor Helen Hughes appeared on BBC Radio Scotland on 17 September 2021, discussing the current situation with returning to work and considerations that need to be made by organisations.

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Professor Chia-Huei Wu has co-authored an article published in the Summer edition of Safeguard magazine, on how health and safety professionals have responded to the demands of Covid-19.

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Professor Chia-Huei Wu featured in BBC Worklife online on 21 July 2021 discussing office culture in Taiwan and the impact of Covid-19 on working practices and norms.

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Professor Chia-Huei Wu co-authored an article for Psychology Today published on 30 June 2021, discussing how people can successfully enact personality changes over the course of their life.

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On 29 June, Associate Professor Matthew Davis featured in a Financial Times article about how the pandemic offers us a chance to rethink how workplaces function.