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Maurice Keyworth from the Charles Thackrah building

On 27 January, Dr Allessandro Biraglia was quoted in an article from The Stray Ferret looking at the increase in planning applications for residential units above shops in Harrogate.

Oxfam Christmas window display

With the help of Assistant Professor Jo Townend, Business School Society students worked with Oxfam bookshop in Harrogate to sell secondhand academic textbooks online.

International Partners Day 2022 group

For the first time since the pandemic, Leeds University Business School welcomed partners from institutions across the world to attend the International Partners Day Conference 2022.

Outside the Business School Maurice Keyworth building

Beyond Academy's study of University of Leeds graduates found those working in marketing who have internships take an average of two years less to be promoted to a management role than those without.

Jayanti bhattacharya

Alum Jayanti Bhattacharya had the opportunity to present her company, India Hemp and Co. to investors on India’s first Shark Tank which was aired earlier this year.