Board of Trustees appointment for Sally Chan

​​​​​​Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing, Sally Chan, joins the History of Advertising Trust’s (HAT) Board of Trustees.

Founded in 1976, HAT is the largest archive of advertising and brand communication in the world and is registered as an educational charity to preserve the heritage of the UK advertising industry.

With over 30 years’ experience lecturing in Advertising, Marketing and Design, Sally has long been an advocate for the work of the History of Advertising Trust in making their collections accessible to researchers and students, giving a talk at the February 2020 HAT Education Summit about the role of the archive in educational teaching.

Reflecting on how she hopes to contribute, she commented:

I’m keen to address barriers to diversity and inclusion in the creative industries by using archives to kickstart conversations about cultural history and stereotypes in advertising.

“I have always found HAT to be an incredible resource, and I hope to bring it to the attention of more researchers, agencies and universities beyond the industry hub of London. I look forward to facilitating bold new discussions and educational opportunities for students through HAT Collective.”

Director of HAT, John Gordon-Saker, added: “As an educational charity, HAT is always looking for new ways to enrich the work of researchers, academics and students. Sally’s appointment will allow us a unique insight into how we can continue to meet this aim. In particular, we hope she will guide the growth and development of our HAT Collective platform for students.”

Sally's current research interest lies in martial arts representational discourse. Visit Sally’s profile to find out more.

Visit History of Advertising Trust’s (HAT) website for further information.