Business School launches <i>Help To Grow – Management</i> course

Leeds University Business School has launched <i>Help To Grow: Management</i>, the latest initiative designed to support local small businesses.

Help to Grow: Management (HTGM) is designed for local business owners and senior leaders operating in small and medium sized businesses, and who are keen to grow their organisation. This 12 week management course is accredited by the Small Business Charter and 90% subsidised by the government.

Anne Salisbury, Relationship Manager for Leeds University Business School (pictured above centre at a recent small business event), believes this government funded programme is an absolute must for local business leaders:

“The programme is heavily subsidised by the government so for only £750 you receive an incredible 50 hours of practical business leadership and strategy training, with 1:1 support, mentoring and peer-learning networks.”

With the all challenges that small businesses have gone through in the last 18 months, this sort of support is an absolute must in helping them bounce-back.

“By the end of the programme participants will be able to walk away with the skills and tools needed to innovate and build a plan for their next stage of growth.”

Senior leaders in small and medium businesses from any sector that have been operating for more than 1 year, with 5 to 249 employees are eligible to apply – with 2 of the 6 cohorts specifically focused on ‘space & technology’ and ‘property’ sectors.

Deborah Smith, Finance Director of Multitech Engineering (UK), has been involved in programmes with the Business School before and is excited to be part of the HTGM course starting in January 2022:

“When I heard about the Help to Grow programme I was really keen to register. I have taken part in other small business programmes with Leeds University Business School and the team have been brilliant. They work with you to tailor the advice and support for your own unique circumstances. We know our business better than anybody, but it’s so important to take yourself out of the day to day running of your company and work with external people who can bring new perspectives and advice to your situation.”

As a small business we’re always willing to hear from experts who can help us develop our strategic thinking, stimulate innovation or identify new markets for growth.

HTGM is the latest support from the Business School for small-business leaders, which also includes leadership apprenticeships, peer networks, student projects, research partnerships and non-executive director placements and training.

Professor Sarah Underwood, Director of External Engagement for Leeds University Business School believes the Business School has a big role to play in supporting local independent businesses:

“We form meaningful partnerships with small-business owners and we work with them over time to grow their business. What makes us the perfect partner is that we have access to exceptional business expertise within the Business School which means we can find the right solution for you.”

“We’ve worked with more than 100 small businesses in the last year and for us it’s a long-term relationship. We see same business leaders coming back to work with us time and again.”

Help To Grow: Management is a national programme delivered locally by Business Schools. Register for the Help To Grow: Management course.