Leeds joins Global Business School Network

Leeds University Business School has joined the Global Business School Network (GSBN), a non-profit organisation aiming to improve access to quality business education in the developing world.

GBSN is a network of over 100 top business schools across 6 continents, who share a common vision to support education in the developing world. The network connects Leeds University Business School with universities across the globe, and also with business, governments, and NGOs working together to improve access to quality, locally relevant management and entrepreneurship education.

Professor Iain Clacher, Pro-Dean for International at Leeds University Business School, commented:

“Membership of the GBSN network is a way for us to build relationships with like-minded colleagues, institutions and organisations around the globe. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach as a Business School.”

“By investing in collaborative arrangements locally, nationally and internationally, we believe we can increase the impact we have on business and society. Working in partnership is the best way to create research that has meaningful impact, and allows us to find new opportunities for students and staff to broaden their experiences.”

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