Business School Partnership Award 2021 winners announced

The Business School Partnership Awards 2021 were announced in May, in the annual celebration of those staff and students who have demonstrated exceptional qualities over the year.

The Business School Partnership Awards celebrate the people in our community who have made a real difference to educational life at the Business School through their hard work and dedication.

The Awards include several categories and recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, teams, and societies across the Business School, as decided by nominations from fellow staff and students. 

The winners and runners-up for the 2021 Business School Parternship Awards are are follows: 

Equality and Inclusion

  • Runner Up (Student): Holi Social (Group)
  • Runner Up (Staff): Dr Kendi Guantai
  • Winner (Student): Alexander Akinbile
  • Winner (Staff): Dr Meenakshi Sarkar

Student Academic Rep of the Year

  • Runner Up: Akshay Sarkate
  • Winner: Sakshi Jain


  • Runner Up: LUBS Enhancement and Innovation (Catherine Wilkinson, Sean Gledhill, Rachel Hartshorne, Stuart Porteous, Samuel Leat, Paul Owiredu)
  • Winner: Welcome & Induction SES Lead Team (Rob Stevens, Louise Thornhill, Kirsty Schofield, Tom Woodruff, Kate Summers, Alastair Marjoram, Rachel Hartshorne and Samuel Leat)


  • Runner Up: Joanne Dickinson
  • Winner (Student): Pierpaolo Gatti
  • Winner (Staff): Gary Slater

Postgraduate Researchers who Teach or Demonstrate

  • Runners Up: Lesslie Valencia Vera & Saleh Kadi
  • Winner: Mingchu Wang


  • Runners Up: Mohammad Faisal Ahammad & Emma Liu
  • Winner: Magnus Hultman


  • Runners Up: Stefan Kesting & Mohammad Faisal Ahammad
  • Winner (Student): Yara Chmayaa; Kacper Rozanski; Ashely Ma (Group)
  • Winner (Staff): Henry Duncanson

Personal Tutor

  • Runners Up: Stacey Mottershaw & Tao Jiang
  • Winner: Andy Smith

Inspirational Teaching

  • Runners Up: Robert Duke & Andreea Bordianu
  • Winner: Mohammad Faisal Ahammad

Positive Impact

  • Runner Up (Student): Amy Dodd
  • Runner Up (Staff): Michael Reynolds & Rob Stevens
  • Winner (Student): Akshay Sarkate
  • Winner (Staff): Andy Smith


  • Runners Up: Heather Heywood & Ruth Sharpe
  • Winner: Rob Stevens


  • Winner: Holi Social (Group)

Business School Partnership Award

  • Winner: Andy Smith

Congratulations to all staff and students nominated for an Award.

We are delighted that several colleagues recognised at the Business School Partnership Awards were also commended at the Leeds Patnership Awards. Business School staff and students were recognised across five categories, with Professor Mohammad Faisal Ahammad winning the overall staff Leeds Partnership Award. 

The Leeds Partnership Awards gives those celebrated individuals in each School the opportunity to be recognised at University level, for demonstrating dedication beyond measure and truly putting the Leeds Partnership into action. 

Read more about the Business School’s success in the Leeds Partnership Awards 2021.