Best Paper award for Aristeidis Theotokis

Associate Professor of Marketing, Aristeidis Theotokis, was recently awarded the Best Conference Paper award at the Academy of Marketing Science Conference held in Vancouver.

The paper entitled ‘The impact of a Complement-based Assortment Organization on Purchases’ examines whether and why organising product categories according to the consumption goal they serve (ie, complement-based assortment organisation) may increase purchases compared with organising product categories according to their attributes or physical characteristics (ie, substitute-based assortment organisation). Across two field experiments, a virtual reality experiment, and a lab experiment, the authors showed that a complement-based assortment organisation, compared with a substitute-based assortment organisation, leads to increased numbers of purchases and increased expenditures.

Dr Theotokis commented: “This award from the Academy of Marketing Science conference shows recognition of a research that combines theoretical contribution with managerial relevance and this is highly encouraging for our future research. It is a great honour for all of us who have worked on this research project. For our paper to be selected as the best paper, among more than 350 presented, is a huge honour at this prestigious academic conference.”