Dr Clacher talks to BBC Radio Leeds

Dr Iain Clacher appears on BBC Radio Leeds to discuss Virgin Money's takeover by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group.

On 18 June 2018, Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance and Pro-Dean for International, Dr Iain Clacher spoke to Gayle Lofthouse on BBC Radio Leeds to discuss Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group’s takeover of Virgin Money

Should the deal go ahead, the regional brands are set to disappear from the high street, rebranded as Virgin Money, which would be the UK’s 6th largest bank. 

Dr Clacher commented: 

If you look at the regional branding of Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank… Something is more established with Virgin Money; it gives them the ability to penetrate different parts of the country. 

Listen to the interview from 01:47:33 here