Maria Sava

Maria Sava


Maria is a postgraduate researcher at Leeds University Business School. Her research is supported by the prestigious Marketing Scholarship from Leeds University Business School. She holds a MSc degree in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds, UK (2020) and a BA degree in Sociology & Media Studies from the University of Portsmouth, UK (2014). 

Research interests

Research interests:

  • Consumer Psychology: the role of different cognitive processes on consumers’ response to marketing startegies and their decision to select, purchase, use and discard brands and their products/services
  • Political Ideology: the impact of political ideology on consumer and managerial decision-making
  • Strategic Decison-Making: heuristics and biases in the decision-making process, characteristics of the decision maker, environmental context

Methods : Experimental Research, Case Studeis, Content Analysis, 


  • MSc International Marketing Management, University of Leeds
  • BA Sociology & Media Studies, University of Portsmouth

Research groups and institutes

  • Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre