Brexit and Labour mobility Roundtable 2

Purposes: ‘Brexit before Brexit’ – impacts already felt despite EU withdrawal still unclear. Views on emerging immigration policy and possible effects. Discussion and co-design of research proposals.


Confirmed participants

  • Henriette Mahamane, Leeds Migration Support Coordinator, Communities and Environment, Leeds City Council
  • Richard Mosley, DWP Analyst & Brexit Taskforce
  • Mark Goldstone, Head of Policy, West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Katia WIdlak, Unison
  • Bill Adams, Regional Secretary, TUC Yorkshire & the Humber
  • Ali Torabi, Brexit lead, TUC
  • Anne Laure, Independent Researcher, founder of the3million campaign
  • Professor Mark Stuart
  • Professor Chris Forde
  • Dr Gabriella Alberti
  • Dr Ioulia Bessa
  • Dr Zyama Ciupijus​​​​​​​
  • Dr Jo Cutter​​​​​​​
  • Maisie Roberts


Filling the limbo - making this frustrating space more meaningful, understanding of Brexit effects.
Build our collaborative network of external community, public and private sector bodies, business and trade unions.
Better understanding of the research questions of interest to stakeholders.
Plans for a bigger event, meeting in Oct/Nov - focus on sectors, micro-sectors; who else to invite to participate & speak?
CERIC working paper and Brexit blog 2.       

Event format


Informal lunch and networking


Welcome and introductions - Professor Chris Forde, Dr Gabriella Alberti


Scene setting (1) Migration data & MAC analysis – Dr Ioulia Bessa


Roundtable updates – Facilitator Dr Jo Cutter


Scene setting (2) MAC and the Immigration White paper – Dr Alberti


Options for joint research


Reflections and next steps