Vincenzo Dispenza



Master of Business Administration (CNAA) BA Honours (University of Hull) Diploma in Management Studies (CNAA)


I have worked in Higher Education since 1989, and throughout that time I have been actively engaged in teaching, managing and externally examining on a number of MBA programmes. I have also worked as a Learning & Development Consultant. I have several years of experience in management consulting for clients in the private and public sectors in activities ranging from delivering supervisory training programmes to developing mission statements. My main areas of teaching have been Organisational Behaviour, Management Decision Making and Qualitative Research Methodologies. I have been involved in developing and teaching on a number of bespoke accredited and non-accredited corporate Management and Organisational Development programmes. My main passion has always been to encourage praxis, and to develop managers who critically reflect on the nature on management.Although not an active researcher, my past research interests include phenomenological analyses of management development. I have taken a particular interest in critical management development.

Research groups and institutes

  • Executive education