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The Business School has certified practitioners of 360 degree diagnostic tools to explore the characteristics of your business and its people. These tools are designed to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. 

Each is a consultative and reflective process based around the requirements of your organisation and managers, and underpins the programmes and activities we co-create for your business. 


The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA)™ suite of assessments from MRG offers an expansive, holistic, and unparalleled view of your current or emerging leaders and the associated organisational challenges and impacts.

The LEA™ measures 22 leadership behaviours grouped into six core functions, creating a uniquely insightful profile that provides a nuanced and scientifically sophisticated development tool. By embracing individual leadership styles and placing them within the context of your organisational environment, the LEA™ offers insights that are accurate, encouraging and actionable, stimulating individual and team growth.

With individual, multi-rater and organisational impact versions of the assessment, the LEA™ suite will help you to:

  • Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your organization's strategic goals
  • Understand the leadership behaviours currently in practice and the gaps with desired state
  • Provide relevant, insightful feedback to leaders from a variety of observers
  • Build action and accountability into the leadership development process
  • Provide constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development
  • Create selection criteria to help you assess the candidate potential for leadership positions

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