Our Approach

The way we approach Executive Education is simple and effective. We listen, we get to know your business, we identify challenges, we suggest ways we can help, and we deliver on our promise. There’s no nonsense – just a focussed, flexible, practical process that works to your advantage every step of the way.

Talking and listening

We take time getting to know you and your business. And it makes it more likely that we’ll already understand where you’re coming from.

Scoping and diagnosis

We use a variety of practical tools to explore the characteristics of your business – and the nature of the challenges you face. And we share the results as we’re going along, so that you get an immediate benefit from every insight we generate. Whatever issues need to be addressed, we have the experience to recognise them and the expertise to know what kind of help will make a difference.

Find out more about our diagnostic tools here

Planning and design

Our action plan might involve programmes that we already run; it might mean putting together something new; or it might involve a combination of approaches. It will always be tailored to fit your business.

Action and delivery

This is when you’ll feel the full power of our connections – as we harness the resources of the Business School and the University of Leeds to make sure that our solution brings success.

Evaluation and reaction

The way we work means that you’ll see a continuing stream of benefits, but we’ll also make sure that you can measure the overall success of what we offer. And if circumstances change or new challenges arise, the tight-knit nature of our team means we have the agility to stay ahead of the game.