Strategy Development Through Scenario Planning

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The choice of strategic direction is one of the most important decisions an organisation or business has to make but how do you decide which direction to take? The options are many and the uncertainties and stakes are high. Scenario planning is a proven technique for helping middle and senior managers work together to explore a range of possible futures together and to assess the competing strategic options against each other.

What is it?

This 2 day programme introduces participants to the scenario planning process developed by Shell and subsequently applied by many organisations.

Day 1 - the principles and methods of scenario planning are explained and practised using small case studies.

Day 2 - participants develop scenarios for their own organisation and conduct an initial assessment of strategic options against those scenarios. By using the context of the range of uncertainties delegates will work to identify the relevant choice at hand.

The programme has been developed and will be tutored by Professor Alan Pearman, Professor in Management Decision Data Analytics

Who should attend?

The course is designed for middle and senior managers, from all sectors in small and medium-sized organisations.

What are the benefits?

By the end of the two day programme delegates will have:

  • A structured understanding of the range of futures potentially facing the organisation and an initial assessment of the potential performance of a range of strategic options, taking into account the uncertainties within the strategic environment.
  • A practical understanding of how to go about analysing other strategic decisions within their organisations


Day 1

Morning session

  • Strategic uncertainty
  • Introduction to scenario construction
  • Introductory case study
  • The extreme world and driving force methods of scenario construction

Afternoon session

  • Using scenarios in decision making
  • Issues and limitations in scenario planning
  • Case study and de-brief
  • Initial review of an organisations strategic choice, there options and uncertainties
Day 2

Morning session

  • Reflections of day 1
  • Scenario development
  • Development of strategic options

Afternoon session

  • Testing options against the scenarios
  • Evaluation and revision
  • Re-testing
  • Summary and discussion to discuss the way forward for the organisation

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