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Most managers recognise the importance of innovation as a key driver in enabling successful organisations to adapt in the ever-changing world in which they find themselves. It is clear that finding new and novel ways to approach processes and problems will unlock new sources of value, but what does this mean in practice? How can an organisation innovate effectively?

What is it?

This three day course highlights the key components of value creation through innovation offering practical approaches to the successful implementation of innovation tools and techniques.

Your tutors for the programme are Krsto Pandza Professor in Strategy and Innovation and Tony Morgan Executive Architect at IBM Global Technology Services. Tony has co-developed internal executive education for IBM, including a master class on innovation for client facing IBM leaders. Tony has deliver master classes and workshops in many countries across Europe, the US and Asia.

Who should attend?

This is a practical programme for middle/junior managers. Delegates will leave with an innovation toolkit to assist them with implementing innovation processes and techniques within their department/organisation. The programme will be particularly useful for:

  • Managers who understand innovation is important but do not know how to do it
  • Those managers who have a tactical or operational relationship with innovation and aspire to be strategic
  • Managers who are interested in innovation but are users rather than producers of technology
  • Innovation managers in technology driven organisations.
What are the benefits?

By the end of this three day course delegates will have:

  • An overview of the main concepts and ideas around innovation
  • Ideas to help structure a strategic plan for innovation
  • A toolkit for innovation. This will include scenario planning and innovation road mapping
  • A language to communicate the importance of innovation to your organisation's senior management
  • Practice in applying key concepts and tools
  • Reflection on the place of innovation within your business.

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • A broad understanding of how innovation creates new value for the organisation
  • A set of practical tools for practical implementation of key concepts within the organisation.


Day 1

Workshop introduction

What is innovation and why does it matter?

  • Interactive discussion on what innovation means to participants
  • Different types of Innovation
  • Innovation Dynamics
  • The need for organisational ambidexterity

Disruptive innovation - group exercise

  • Introduction into the big challenges that drive innovation
  • Introducing MOOC case study and explain the Business School's business model
  • Working in groups to analyse trends that affect adoption of MOOCS (PESTLE trends), identify those with the higher uncertainty and higher potential impact

Challenges for responding to disruptive change

  • Reports from group work and discussion
  • Defining disruptive and discontinuous change (Kodak example)
  • Managerial challenges for responding to disruptive change (why it is so difficult)

Reflection on challenges of disruptive change

  • IBM case story - renewal from manufacturing to service company and ongoing response to transformation and disruption
  • Exercise - participants identify disruptive changes for their company/industry, similar approach to MOOC - identifying major trends and investigating uncertainties and impacts - alternatives include a) individual working; b)pairs or small groups focusing on a company represented by a particular applicant; c) two main groups


Day 2

Organising for innovation

  • Innovation 'by design' and what successful organisations do differently
  • The innovation management process - From ideas to commercialisation and/or delivery
  • Skills, roles resources, organisation, funding and culture
  • The role of the 'Innovation Manager'

Innovation management - ideation - group exercise

  • Introduction of exercise - each group will be assigned an industry challenge or opportunity, or given the option of selecting their own
  • Groups analyse assigned item and write-up actions, skills and resources needed to generate, select and prioritise ideas to address
  • Group presentations and discussion

Open innovation

  • Introducing the concept of Open Innovation and why it is important
  • Different forms of collaborative innovation (lead-users, client-supplier collaboration, industry-university collaboration, crowd sourcing, corporate venturing, strategic alliances)

 Innovation management - development and delivery - group exercise

  • Introduction of exercise - each group continues to focus on same industry challenge or opportunity as in the morning
  • Groups analyse assigned item and write-up actions, skills and resources needed to develop the idea and move if forward to commercialisation and/or delivery. This will include focusing on proving capability and business case to sponsor/investor and how Open Innovation can be used to help
  • Group presentations and discussion


Day 3

How innovative is your organisation?

  • Innovation types, process, skills, roles and organisation (recap from day 1 and 2)
  • Introduction to assessing innovation maturity and creating a strategic innovation road map

Making innovation work in your organisation - exercise

  • Understanding current innovation capabilities and focus areas for improvement
  • Introduction to the Innovation Capability Assessment Framework (ICAF)
  • Populating the Innovation Capability Assessment Framework (ICAF part 1)

Making innovation work in your organisation - exercise

  • Reviewing results from the Innovation Capability Assessment Framework (ICAF).

What is your organisation's innovation roadmap? - exercise

  • Understanding current innovation strategy and focus areas for improvement
  • Introduction to the Strategic Innovation Roadmap Tool (SIRT)
  • Populating the Strategic Innovation Roadmap Tool (SIRT)

Creating an innovation roadmap for your organisation - exercise

  • Reviewing results from the Strategic Innovation Roadmap Tool (SIRT).

Summary - question time and next steps

  • Summary of workshop - understanding innovation and making it work for you
  • Open question and answer session
  • Feedback
  • Recommended next steps for attendees

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