Introduction to Bargaining and Negotiation

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Negotiation lies at the core of many elements of business life both within the organisation (salaries, job design, job allocations etc) and externally (contracts, collaborations, purchasing). Many people find negotiating difficult and stressful and do not approach it as effectively as they might. While some people undoubtedly have a natural talent for negotiation, there is also much that can be explained, taught and improved about the process of negotiation that will give individuals a greater confidence and enable them to negotiate more effectively.

What is it?

This one day programme provides delegates with an initial overview of the landscape of negotiation, explaining key elements of the negotiation process, allowing them to develop and practice negotiation tactics and build confidence when negotiating.

The course will be delivered by Professor Alan Pearman - Professor in Management Decision Analysis

Who should attend?

This programme is aimed at junior to mid-range managers who are relatively new to the demands of reaching negotiated agreements with clients, colleagues etc.

What are the benefits?

By the end of the courses delegates will be able to:

  • Understand a range of perspectives on the process of negotiation
  • Understand key concepts in the psychology of negotiation such as: each party's best alternative to a negotiated agreement, each party's set of interests, the relative importance of each party's interests.
  • Recognise when there is value to be gained through negotiation
  • Recognise and be able to practice a range of tools for value creation in negotiation
  • Know how to prepare for a negotiation process
  • Understand some of the most common mistakes that people make in negotiation

Delegate organisations will benefit by:

  • Staff having more fruitful and negotiating practices both within the organisation and with external bodies.


Morning session
  • Perspectives on negotiation
  • Decision making and the psychology of negotiation
  • Negotiation exercise and debrief
  • Claiming and creating value in negotiation
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation...
Afternoon session

Negotiator cognition:

  • The mythical fixed pie
  • Framing negotiator judgement
  • Escalation of conflict
  • Overestimating your value
  • Self-serving biases
  • Anchoring in negotiations
  • Negotiation exercise and debrief

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