Future Perfect Thinking: Aligning People, Processes and Strategy

Courses designed to put theory into practice

MBA students at the Leeds University Business School

Two days

Future Perfect Thinking is an approach to strategic management that is underpinned by the process of design thinking. In its simplest form design thinking is a collaborative, problem focused and user-centred approach that deals with problems as design problems.

Future Perfect Thinking involves a carefully managed integration of evidence based practice, creativity and cognitive behavioural approaches to imagining, designing and executing a desirable future state.

What is it?

The 'Future Perfect Thinking' two day workshop is an intensive, tailored programme to help leaders in organisations better interact with their key stakeholders in order to transform and align their organisation, department or team with the strategic intentions of the organisation. Particular emphasis will be placed on the key strategic challenges facing their industry and organisation.

The workshop involves participants working on a work based strategic challenge. As such some pre-work is required prior to participation in the course. The workshop involves a set of 'threshold' sessions (that is, gradual exposure to core aspects of Future Perfect Thinking in order to build up expertise in applying it to strategy.  

The programme is facilitated by Professor Tyrone Pitsis. Tyrone is a leading educator on innovation and strategy. He holds a BSoc.Sc (Hons) in Psychology, a PhD in Management and is also studying at The University of Cambridge where he is researching possibility thinking in multidisciplinary teams. He has published best selling texts on management and innovation and works with several leading organisations helping them to align their people and strategy.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone working in a strategic role this may include corporate executives, business leaders, general managers and, aspiring and established strategic managers. 

What are the benefits?

Delegates will leave with the tools and techniques to work with strategic management problems as design problems. Helping their organisations, teams or departments to align their people and strategy, and work collaboratively.


Day 1
  • Core concepts in strategic management
  • The Philosophy of Mind: how we think, how we know, and how we think we know what we don't know
  • Complexity versus complicated
  • Organisational Problems versus Symptoms
  • Collaboration: the rhetoric and reality.
Day 2
  • The Future Perfect method
  • The stakeholder - who is important
  • Co-creation - rapid prototyping
  • Designing strategy
  • What will we do on Monday?

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