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The Northern Excelerator is an innovative new Executive Education programme designed to embed high quality management knowledge into your organisation, giving you the power to boost performance and achieve significant competitive advantage. 

Designed and delivered by Leeds University Business School in Partnership with North of England Excellence, the Northern Excelerator is a development programme for your whole organisation, as well as your people.  

How does it work?
  • Focusses on functions
    The Northern Excelerator programme is made up of eight modules, covering the full spectrum of functions within your organisation. This focus on functions means you will be building long-lasting MBA-level knowledge into every aspect of your business activities. 
  • Gives you control of the benefits
    You can send up to 10 people to each module of the, but it doesn’t have to be the same 10 each time. That means you can inject know-how and best practice precisely where it will be of most benefit to your business. You can concentrate all of the knowledge in 10 key individuals, spread it out to up to 80 delegates, or cherry-pick the right combination of modules and people to ensure that every function in your organisation is covered.

  • Redefines the way that executive education is delivered
    The delivery of each module is split 50:50 into classroom sessions run by Leeds University Business School followed by in-company business coaching provided by North of England Excellence. All the theory is brought to life and put into practice – with immediate and lasting effects.
North of England Excellence (NOEE)

NOEE is a not-for-profit business, helping organisations deliver their strategic objectives and contributing to improved performance through organisational excellence.

The second half of every module is run within your organisation by NOEE, delivering bespoke business coaching to the heart of your organisation.

The sessions, led by highly qualified and experienced business coaches, trainers and consultants from North of England Excellence, are specifically designed to meet your company’s needs. 

How long is the programme?

The programme is delivered within a year.

In less than 12 months, your organisation could have up to 80 executives applying MBA-level knowledge and skills to your bottom line. And you don’t even have to wait that long to start seeing benefits. Because half of the sessions are delivered within the walls of your organisation, the programme is guaranteed  to have a practical positive impact from the very first month onwards.


Northern Excelerator module breakdown

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