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We understand that the challenges facing businesses are varied, with no two organisations sharing the same set of issues and opportunities. That's why our services to organisations include highly customised programmes that allow businesses to overcome the challenges important to them, their productivity and their development.

Our 200-strong faculty, each experts in their fields, deliver high-quality Executive Education to you and your teams. 

SME Future Leaders Programme

Launching in April 2019, this exciting new 10 week blended programme has been uniquely designed for senior management teams in high-growth SMEs. We recognise that there comes a stage in fast developing SMEs when the owner/founder can no longer do everything themselves. As the business expands the Business Owner (BO) needs to be able to step back and take a more strategic role - working on direction setting rather than becoming tied up in the detail of day to day operations.

By developing the leadership capacity of the senior management team (SMT), SME's will be able to empower key decision makers, respond to challenge and foster creative tension; adopting styles of working suitable for fast-growing businesses. Through the time spent working together in small groups and within the business, participants will have the opportunity to explore the needs of the business during the next growth phase.  At the end of the programme, teams will have identified opportunities, established management succession plans and agreed parameters for realistic but ambitious targets for business growth.

Programme overview

The programme will cover nine units across the nine week duration, delivered by a mixture of both face-to-face and online learning. The programme will be delivered by Professor Sarah UnderwoodProfessor Nigel LockettVince Dispenza and Jacinta Elliott with face-to-face learning taking place at SHINE in central Leeds.

Unit 1: Challenge of Leadership Supporting capacity for growth in the SMT, letting go of the reins, adapting leadership styles for fast-growing businesses
Unit 2: Needs and Values of the Business Exploring the needs of the business during the next growth phase, empowering key senior managers, agreeing decision-making boundaries
Unit 3: An Innovative Mindset Developing a mindset for innovation and continuous improvement, looking ahead for opportunities
Unit 4: Target Setting & Feedback Loops Selecting realistic development strategies and tactics
Unit 5: Financial Literacy Understanding the P&L and Balance Sheet, analysing the outcomes of decisions
Unit 6: Capacity for Challenge Responding to challenge, fostering creative tension within SME teams
Unit 7: Financial Planning for Growth Identifying the cost of ideas, understanding cashflow and budgeting for growth
Unit 8: People Management Fostering high-performance teams, designing effective HR management processes
Unit 9: Future Leadership Plans Presenting plans for the future

Additional information

Structure and dates
Dates Content Mode Attendees Timings
1 04/04/2019 Introduction; Context; Communication Face-to-face BO & SMT 11am - 6pm (7hrs)
1 05/04/2019 Mission, Vision and Values; Values Tree Face-to-face SMT 9am - 3pm (6hrs)
2 08/04/2019 Leading KPIs; Coaching Online SMT (approx 2hrs)
3 15/04/2019 Financial literacy 1; Lagging KPIs Online SMT (approx 2hrs)
4 22/04/2019 Break week - - -
5 29/04/2019 Leadership Challenge week Online (webinar) SMT (approx 2hrs)
6 06/05/2019 Financial literacy 2; Planning for growth Online SMT (approx 2hrs)
7 13/05/2019 Fostering HP teams Online SMT (approx 2hrs)
8 20/05/2019 Break week - - -
9 27/05/2019 Break week - - -
10 06/06/2019 Presentation Face-to-face BO and SMT 09:00-15:00 (6hrs)

*Business Owner (BO) and Senior Management Team (SMT)


Business Owner + 1 member of SMT = £1,450
Business Owner + 2 members of SMT = £2,500 > extra person is £1,050
Business Owner + 3 members of SMT = £3,450 > extra person is £950
Business Owner + 4 members of SMT = £4,200 > extra person is £750

For more information or to apply for this programme, please email Vikki Moyles at the Centre for Executive & Professional Education (CEPE) on 0113 343 9266 or


We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we work with each organisation to craft contextualised leadership and management development programmes. Through a comprehensive diagnostics process, we work with you to collaboratively design interventions that address your organisational challenges or support your growth ambitions.

Our programmes include a variety of learning tools to keep the learning process experiential and applicable such as:

  • Self-learning
  • Mini case analysis
  • Action learning sets
  • Active reflection
  • Company projects
  • Coaching

Whatever we design will be customised to what works best for the organisation.

We use a mix of academics and practitioners to facilitate our customised programmes who draw on knowledge and practical insights derived from our various research centres across the University. The programme can be delivered at the University, at your premises or any other mutually convenient location either national or international.

Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP)

The Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) is designed for functional experts. The aim of this programme is to hone business skills and shift mind-sets from focus on personal productivity and functional management to a focus on team productivity and general management. Participants are also encouraged to view themselves as “strategy part-owners” having the responsibility to drive organisational strategy within their teams.

This four to five month programme provides insights on areas such as:

  • Leadership – self and team leadership
  • Building a strategic mindset
  • Customer focused innovation
  • Leading change within the organisation

We work with organisations to customise this structure to their business context. 

Exponential Leader Programme (ELP)

Businesses today operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Change is ever greater with disruption coming from unexpected sources. To be successful in the midst of this radical uncertainty, business leaders need to develop an agile mind-set to help in the evolution of their organisation. The ELP is designed to aid such organisations with an aim to shift mind-sets from a 'business as usual' one to that of strategic agility.

Spread across three months, the programme would primarily focus on the following three themes:

Theme 1: Designing the Future

The business environment is constantly being disrupted by new technologies and business models. Innovation is happening at the fringes. This theme provides inputs on how successful businesses maintain their market dominance in this environment.

Theme 2: Designing Teams for Extreme Innovation

Used by most market leaders today, participants explore the successful skunkworks innovation model and reflect on how such teams can be designed within their organisation to implement some of the more radical recommendations from Theme 1.

Theme 3: Radical Change Management

Once a strategic direction has been taken to pursue a new course of action, this theme provides insights on how to quickly rally stakeholders across the organisation to adopt the organisational changes that need to be implemented. 

Degree Apprenticeships

Launching in January 2019, the MSc Level 7 Apprenticeship in Senior Leadership is an innovative degree programme designed for senior managers working in public and private sectors. 

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Executive MBA

Studying for the Leeds Executive MBA brings benefits for your employee and your organisation, both during the programme and for many years afterwards.

Benefits for sponsors include:

  • Improved performance
  • Introduction of new skills and knowledge
  • Retain your best managers
  • Commission in-company projects
  • Gain access to academic experts

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