MBA Project

Your dedicated MBA Project Manager will help you find, select and plan your project

Male and female EMBA students

The MBA Project represents the culmination of your MBA course, providing you with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge that you have acquired to the resolution of a business problem, or to investigate an area that interests you further.

The project usually addresses a problem or task that has priority for top management. You can choose a consultancy project that addresses a management issue within your own company, which will be of substantial benefit to your organisation. Or you could choose an entrepreneurial project relating to a new business venture you may be considering launching, or alternatively a research dissertation in an area that interests you. Properly planned, and executed, the project can be leveraged to add value to you, your organisation and to your career.

Recent MBA projects

The development of a strategic marketing plan within the NHS Foundation Trust A study into CRM as an effective management tool with Leeds City Council
An evaluation of diversification strategies in the motor industry for TATA An assessment of the organisation’s destination strategy with
Analysis of various ongoing projects for PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting An analysis of the retail market for Deloitte
A study into re-engineering processes within the print management industry with Communisis The development of a marketing communications plan to speed the adoption of GP IT systems in Yorkshire
The specification of a Europe-wide pain management service for Pfizer Health Solutions A new training process for entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds in Johannesburg, South Africa