Executive MBA Course FAQ

Frequently asked questions

EMBA male student
Can I defer my application?

Yes, but only for one year.

Will I be interviewed for the programme?

Yes, if your application is successful then we will invite you to an interview. These will normally be in person but if you are based abroad then we will interview by Skype or telephone.

Do I have to pay any fees before the programme begins?

It is not a requirement of the University that payment is made in advance. You can choose to pay part or all of the fees before arriving in Leeds if you wish.

Do you require an application fee?

No. We do not require this.

Can I contact current students and alumni to discuss the MBA programme with them?

Yes but current students may only be contacted after an offer has been made. Please email mba@lubs.leeds.ac.uk with your request.

Do I need to take the IELTS test if my first language is not English but I have lived and worked in the UK for several years?

You may still need to take a language test. This depends on a range of factors, including how long you have studied in English, at what level and how recently. We need to consider your CV, application and accompanying documents and details before deciding whether you would need to take an IELTS test. 

Do I need to take the GMAT test?

No - applicants for the Executive MBA do not need to take this test.

Can I pay for the MBA in instalments?

If your company is paying the fees, they will need to pay in two equal instalments at the start of Years 1 and 2. You will need to provide a letter from the company and they will be invoiced accordingly.   

If you are funding the Executive MBA yourself there are flexible payment options for 2017. Details can be found on the fees and funding page.

Are there any exceptions to the required minimum work experience?

No. The part-time Executive MBA is a post experience programme and applicants must possess significant relevant postgraduate work experience for the part-time Executive MBA before they can apply.

Can I start the programme in January?

No. We only have one intake per programme per year, which is October for the part-time Executive MBA.

Once I have submitted an application how soon will I hear my decision?

We will contact you shortly after receipt of your application to arrange an interview, provided we have all the required supporting documents. On completion of your interview a letter will be sent to you confirming our decision. Usually around 2 weeks after the date of your interview.