Managing the Risk of Modern Slavery in Supply Chains in Global Disruption

Join our Ideas in Practice webinar, where our expert panel will discuss managing the risk of modern slavery in supply chains in time of global disruption.

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COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns disrupted business across the globe. Industries with complex globalised supply chains, such as fashion, had their operations tested as never before. Attention has focussed on production and distribution challenges, but what impact did COVID-19 have on the management of risks such as modern slavery within supply chains?

In this Ideas in Practice webinar, we share insights from recent research looking at the response of UK fashion brands to the COVID-19 crisis, actions of suppliers within Indian supply chains and the tensions that the crisis exacerbates in balancing risks for buyers and suppliers alike.

A panel of experts then share their views on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis to improve the management of the risks of modern slavery within extended supply chains across various industries. What has responding to the crisis taught us about risk management, resilience and relationships with suppliers?

A facilitated discussion provides an opportunity for delegates to pose questions to the panel and to share good practice from different sectors.