NHS BME Staff Wellbeing Workshop

University of Leeds Business School welcomes you to contribute to our workshop discussing our proposed HR interventions to improve minority ethnic staff wellbeing in the NHS.

Professor Lynda Song, Professor Ahmed Mostafa and Dr Aleksandra Irnazarow present their research so far on HR interventions to better the cultural awareness of NHS staff, and thus the staff well-being of minority ethnic NHS workers. 

During our workshop, we aim to:

  • Present our HR interventions and discuss their strengths and weaknesses with EDI managers and experts within the NHS
  • Work with EDI managers and experts to implement the interventions within their trusts





09:00- 09:05​

Research Team​

Introduction on research so far and aims​

09:05- 09:15​



09:15- 09:20​

Research Team​

Cultural Intelligence - Introduction​

09:20- 09:35​

Jaspal Bhachu​

Experiences of Cultural Intelligence​

09:35- 09:50​

Jhardine Farrell​

Cultural Intelligence - In Practice​

09:50- 10:05​


Discussion and training co-design​

10:05- 10:10​

Research Team​

Reciprocal Mentoring - Introduction​

10:10- 10:25​

Ramesh Kumar​

Reciprocal Mentoring – In Practice​

10:25- 10:35​


Discussion and training co-design​

10:40- 10:50​

Research Team​

Next Steps​

10:50- 11:00​


Final Thoughts and Thank You​


If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact g.keating@leeds.ac.uk