Net Zero Logistics: What does it mean and is it achievable?

Net Zero Logistics: What does it mean and is it achievable?

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Over 100 countries have now set a target to have ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or earlier.  How does this concept of ‘net zero’, which combines emission reductions with the sequestration of GHGs already in the atmosphere, relate to logistics?  What are the prospects of logistics being completely decarbonised by 2050 and in what ways might GHG-sequestration processes generate additional logistical activity?  This talk will try to answer these questions by reviewing the available evidence.

The Speaker 

Professor Alan McKinnon - Professor of Logistics, Kühne Logistics University 

About the seminar series:

This research seminar series is organised jointly by the Adaptation Information Management and Technology Research Centre and Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research. The two research centres study information and technology management, operations and supply chain management and emerging issues related to digital transformation, sustainability, and resilience.