CDR Seminar Series: Financial literacy and attitudes to cryptocurrencies

Georgios Panos, University of Glasgow, will discuss the relationship between financial literacy and attitudes to cryptocurrencies.

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In this seminar, the relationship between financial literacy and attitudes to cryptocurrencies is examined, using microdata from 15 countries. The financial-literacy proxy exerts a large negative effect on the probability of currently owning cryptocurrencies. The financially literate are also more likely to be aware, but not to intend to own cryptocurrencies. It is shown that the relationships are explained by a different perception of the financial risk involved in cryptocurrencies, vis-à-vis alternative instruments, by the more financially literate. These findings shed light on the demand for cryptocurrencies and suggest that, apart from parties interested in illegal transactions, and ‘cryptofunds’, it also largely comprises of unsophisticated investors.

About the Speaker:

Georgios Panos is Professor of Finance at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow.

CDR Seminar Series

This event is part of a series looking at research on psychological and analytical aspects of decision making, and is hosted by the Centre for Decision Research at the University of Leeds.

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This event is open to staff and students at the University of Leeds, and to others interested in research on decision making.