Impacts on business: Lockdown - Covid-19 and implications for our psychological wellbeing

What can we learn from scrutinising psychological as opposed to economic well-being?

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About this Event

With a particular focus on unemployment and income, this talk will focus on what additional insights we can learn from scrutinising psychological as opposed to economic well-being when it comes to assessing the long term impacts associated with Covid-19. The speaker will also ask what would be the implications for our policy response to dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19 if happiness research came to the fore.

There will also be the opportunity to take part in the discussion, sharing your views on the issues currently affecting business leaders today.

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About the speaker

Peter Howley is a Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science, Economics Division, Leeds University Business School. Much of Peter’s research is at the interface between economics, psychology and sociology. Of particular relevance to this talk, Peter has engaged in extensive research concerned with understanding the economic, social and environmental forces shaping our psychological as opposed to economic well-being and also in using psychological well-being as a framework to better understand people’s behaviour.