Webinar: How big data is changing the way we do business

This free online webinar is part of Leeds Digital Festival (21 Sept – 2 Oct) and is open to external guests and University of Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

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The big data and business analytics market size is expected to reach $512.04 billion by 2026 according to Allied Analytics LLP (2019). However, there are challenges ahead, including the enormous growth of data and capability to process it. There is a skill shortage and there is uncertainty around how job markets might change with future products generating big data and new applications of analytics. Data privacy and ownership of data is also a big concern to many people including the general public and policymakers. Dr Richard Hodgett Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Decision Science, Leeds University Business School and Dr Sajid Siraj, Associate Professor, Leeds University Business School will discuss the challenges related to the future of utilising big data and answer your questions regarding how big data is changing the way we do business.

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About the speakers

Dr Richard Hodgett

In 2014, Richard joined the University of Leeds as a Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science where he helped to establish the MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences and the BSc in Business Analytics. Richard is active in both teaching and research. With regards to teaching, Richard has designed and developed three new masters level modules and one new undergraduate module. He also regularly delivers bespoke analytical training courses for individual companies and to wider groups through the Consumer Data Research Centre. With regards to research, Richard works mostly on applied analytical problems and leads a number of projects across a range of industries. He is currently working on research projects in the music industry, the pharma and speciality chemical industries, medicine, property and real estate, finance, policing and logistics. In 2017, Richard took over as the Programme Director of the MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences.

Dr Sajid Siraj

Dr Sajid Siraj has experience with machine learning, simulation, real-time systems, image processing, and software development. He has used these skills for seismic data processing, telecommunication records processing and profiling, call queues management, and developing decision support systems. His research interests lie in data mining, machine learning and decision support systems. Some of his recent projects involved the use of text analytics, dominance-based rough sets analysis, imbalanced classification and visual aids. Sajid Saraj has further interests in the theory and applications of multi-criteria decision analysis wherein decision makers often struggle to optimize or satisfice multiple objectives where some of these objectives are often in conflict with each other.