Dr Sajid Siraj

Dr Sajid Siraj


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • M.Sc. Embedded Systems, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • B.E. Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan.


  • Program Director, MSc Business Analytics & Decision Sciences
  • EDI Chair, Data Scientists Development Programme

Research interests

My research interests lie in data mining, machine learning and decision support systems. Some of my recent projects involved the use of text analytics, dominance-based rough sets analysis, imbalanced classification and visual aids. I am also interested in the theory and applications of multi-criteria decision analysis wherein decision makers often struggle to optimize or satisfice multiple objectives where some of these objectives are often in conflict with each other. Some of the areas where I have practised my skills are machine learning, data wrangling, agent-based simulation, and software development. I have used these skills for seismic data processing, telecommunication records processing and profiling, call queues management, and developing decision support systems.

Professional memberships

  • CMBE (Chatered Management Business Educator)
  • FHEA (Fellow of Higher Education Academy)
  • International Society on MCDM
  • Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Member, IEEE
  • The OR Society, UK

Student education

I have been involved in the following modules in Leeds University Business School in different roles:

  • Understanding Data for Decision Making I give students a hands-on practise on acquiring data from disparate sources and gaining business insights from these data that can help in managerial decision making.
  • Evidence-based Consultancy I provide students with the skills to act in a consultancy capacity for both external and internal clients in a commercial context. They learn how to use structured approach towards problem diagnosis, solution development, and presenting to managers as well as stakeholders.
  • Quantitative Analysis I give students a sound grounding in quantitative analysis at the level necessary to facilitate their study of academic literature on their MSc programme and to allow them to use and interpret results in a business environment.
    Business Analytics 3 Analytics Project I help students to undertake an independent analytics project, write-up a project report, and reflect on their professional and personal development.
  • Business Analytics 2 I teach about how businesses and other organisations use data analytics to support an evidence-based approach to management decision making.
  • Exploring Your Potential I act as the personal tutor for Business Analytics students. I deliver seminar classes for this module and other related activities.
  • Research Methods I deliver seminar classes for this module. The aim is to give students a sound grounding in research methods in order to facilitate their undertaking of a dissertation project, as well as, to allow them to use and evaluate research methods in a business environment.

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Decision Research

Current postgraduate researchers