Towards a Red Feminist Horizon

The seminar has been funded by the Sociological Review Foundation, CERIC and Leeds Social Sciences Institute

For the last two decades feminist praxis has been washed in a particular shade of pink, telling us to ‘lean in’ (Sandberg 2013), to get ahead in the corporate world and be ‘the next Bill Gates in the making’ (Beyoncé 2016). The success of feminism is consciously limited to notions of ‘equality and diversity’ and specifically to the number of women in positions of power both within the state and capitalist corporations.

In contrast, this symposium offers a provocation: that to be able to develop the theoretical and conceptual tools necessary to confront contemporary forms of globalised gender oppression and exploitation, it is necessary to re-orientate feminist theory towards a ‘red horizon’. Moving towards the ‘red feminist horizon’ requires beginning from working class women’s experiences of labour and life, making visible how structural and systemic violence against women and people of colour is central to capitalist accumulation and developing a multi-generational praxis.

The symposium both draws inspiration from and is orientated towards developing ideas that will contribute to the emerging international women’s strike movement, linking ideas developed both within and between the academy and the street. It will foster an intergenerational conversation and participants experiences and involvement in women’s struggles. It will bring feminist theorists, activists and artists into dialogue to analyse the conditions and politics of women’s waged and unwaged reproductive work.


  • Veronica Gago (Ni Una Menos / University of Buenos Aires)
  • Camille Barbagallo (University of Leeds)
  • Kate Hardy (University of Leeds)
  • Aviah Sarah (Postdoc, University of Essex and SistersUncut)
  • Sigrid Vertommen (The University of Cambridge)
  • Dalia Gebrial (LSE)
  • Alessandra Mezzadri, (SOAS)
  • Joni Cohen (Trans Liberation)
  • Lydia Caradonna (DecrimNow)
  • Xanthe Whittaker (University of Leeds)
  • Becka Hudson (UCL / Birkbeck)
  • Neha Shah (The University of Oxford)


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