Defining the city of the future

Join academics and senior business leaders to discuss the latest thinking in imagining and building future UK cities that are inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable.

The idea of "future cities" originated in the Future City Catapult initiative of Innovate UK, a branch of UK government that focuses on encouraging economic growth through innovation. The idea is to find ways to implement "smart city" concepts on a wide scale.

The idea of "smart cities" represents a challenge – how can we live together in peace and prosperity, in communities where every person's voice is valued, by taking advantage of – and not being victimized by – advances in technology? 

Meeting the "smart city" challenge in an era of global change

Director of Cities Advisory at Arup, Tom Bridges, will discuss some of the key developments in old and new infrastructure that are transforming the way we live. His talk will drill down into what cities such as Leeds need to be doing in terms of skills, innovation, and digital and data transformation to permit their residents and businesses to be more productive and more prosperous. 

Panel members:

  • Dr Louise Ellis - Director of Sustainability, University of Leeds
  • Martin Farrington - Director of City Development, Leeds City Council
  • Prew Lumley - Chair of Leeds Business Improvement District

This event is the opening plenary of the Business School's inaugural Festival of Ideas. The event showcases the breadth and quality of Business School research, encouraging academic progression and connecting researchers.

Event format

Keynote: Tom Bridges Meeting the "smart city" challenge in an era of global change
Professor Gary Dymski Using Themes and Platforms at the University of Leeds to unlock the "system of systems" logics of future sustainability
Panel discussion How do we make our cities a better place to live and work?