“How Institutional Context Affects Narcissistic CEOs' CSR Activities"

“How Institutional Context Affects Narcissistic CEOs' CSR Activities"

The Centre for Technology Innovation and Engagement (C-Tie) research centre invites Staff and Students to the following, in person only, seminar:  

How Institutional Context Affects Narcissistic CEOs' CSR Activities

  • Date: 2 May 2024  
  • Time: 12noon - 13.00pm (45 mins talk/15 mins Q&As)
  • Location: 1.01/1.02 Seminar Rooms Charles Thackrah, Leeds University Business School
  • Speaker:   Prof. dr. Tine Buyl, Professor of Organization Studies, Tilburg University https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/staff/t-p-l-buyl 


Narcissistic CEOs have been found to invest more in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in prior research, but the empirical results have been fragmented. We contribute by bringing in the institutional context, and arguing that it shapes narcissistic CEOs’ situated attention. Craving admiration and praise, narcissistic CEOs will want to signal that they excel among their peers. Therefore, they will be drawn toward CSR-related behavior that is aligned with the social norms in their institutional context. As a result, we anticipate that in liberal market economies, narcissistic CEOs will be inclined to invest in corporate philanthropy, which is in line with the strong ethic of stewardship and firms ‘giving back’ to society that is prevalent in such liberal contexts. However, in coordinated market economies, we expect that narcissistic CEOs will tend to engage in substantive CSR, because stakeholders in such coordinated contexts value real and tangible investments in CSR, strongly incorporated in the firm’s daily operations. We test our theoretical predictions using panel data (2002-2018) from 149 large firms and 394 CEOs operating in 18 countries, and find general support. 

The Speaker

Tine Buyl is a Full Professor of Organization Studies at Tilburg University (the Netherlands), where she holds the chair of "Strategy, Strategic Leadership, and Organizational Resilience." She received her Ph.D. in Business Economics from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Her research focuses on Chief Executive Officers, as well as on the composition and dynamics of top management teams and their effects on organizational processes and outcomes. Her work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Long Range Planning, and the Leadership Quarterly. She is an active member of the academic community, serving as a co-organizer and member of the scientific committee of the EIASM workshops on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research, as well as acting as a Representative-at-Large of the Strategic Leadership interest group of the Strategic Management Society.

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