Dr Danat Valizade

Dr Danat Valizade


With the background in economics and nearly a decade-long career in trade unions, I joined the Faculty in 2012 first as a doctoral candidate and then as a full-time academic member of staff in 2014. My Ph.D. thesis was an empirical enquiry into challenges and opportunities posed to trade unions by the rise of contingent employment in segmented labour markets. I have been involved in numerous research project exploring the demand side of active labour market policies, trade union learning agenda and training provision in the workplace, wage determination and trajectories of collective bargaining in the UK. I was part of two externally funded research projects looking at diversity and career progression in the legal profession and the social protection of workers in the platform (on-demand) economy. I am currently working on an NIHR funded project investing the relationship between care home staffing and quality of care. I sit on the editorial board of Work, Employment and Society (4*ABS) and on the executive committee of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA).

Research interests

My research interests coalesce around the changing nature of work with a specific focus on labour market polarisation, disparities in the quality of work and their effect on performance and wellbeing. The key novelty of my research is the application of data science, an interdisciplinary field with the use of advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to draw meaningful insights from raw data at its heart. As data-driven research takes hold in labour market studies, my research fosters a better understanding of causal mechanisms underpinning contemporary tendencies in work and employment. 


  • PhD in Business and Economic Studies (University of Leeds)
  • Candidate of Sciences (St Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Diploma in Economics (St Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Professional memberships

  • British Universities Industrial Relations Association (executive committee)
  • Work, Employment and Society (Editorial board)
  • The Society for Advancement in Socio-Economics
  • Labor and Employment Relations Association
  • British Sociological Association

Student education

My teaching revolves around data literacy and statistical analyses. I particularly strive to embedd research-led teaching into the curriculum and using novel approaches to teaching quantitative research methods. I am teaching and supervising dissertations at masters level and am responsible for the delivery of the training for the summer research project placement scheme coordinated by Q-Step.


Undergraduate taught modules

LUBS 1185 Understanding Statistics in the Social Sciences (module leader)

LUBS 1180 Understanding Data in the Social Sciences (module leader)

LUBS 2885 HRM Research Practices and Personal Tutorials (tutor)

LUBS 3185 People Analytics: Strategy and Practice (tutor)

Q-Step summer placement scheme (boot-camp leader)


Postgraduate taught modules

LUBS 5342M People Analytics: Strategy and Practice (tutor)


Postgraduate research modules

LUBS 5293M Understanding Your Discipline (tutor)

Current postgraduate researchers