Professor Aristeidis Theotokis

Professor Aristeidis Theotokis



Aristeidis Theotokis is Professor of Marketing who conducts research in the areas of Shopper Psychology, Retail Technology and Prosocial Behavior. He examines theories and phenomena in the areas of consumer psychology, behavioural economics and social psychology. His research has been published in world-leading academic journals, such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Ethics, European Journal of Information SystemsJournal of Interactive Marketing and Journal of Advertising among others. Prof. Theotokis has received strong recognition in the form of awards and grants from research councils, professional bodies, government organizations and large multinational companies, such as Academy of Marketing Science, Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and Unilever-International Commerce Institute. He has also consulting and professional experience in the fields of e-business, green marketing and grocery retailing.

Research interests

  • Shopper Psychology: Behavioral/dynamic pricing, price promotions, merchandise organization, shopping missions
  • Pro-Social Behavior: The role of mindset on consumer responses to prosocial behavior, healthy eating, collaborative consumption, employee dehumanization, brand activism
  • Retailing Technology:  Mobile and pervasive information systems, gamification, robotized service

Professional memberships

  • American Marketing Association
  • European Marketing Academy
  • Acedemy of Marketing Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre

Current postgraduate researchers