CERIC webinar joint with "Northern Exposure"

Professor Ben Rogaly (University of Sussex) presents his new book "Stories from a migrant city: living and working together in the shadow of Brexit".

We invite you to a CERIC webinar joint with Northern Exposure project as part of their (Red) Walls, (Brexit) Borders and (Pandemic) Politics series.

Please confirm your attendance with Charlotte Ball (c.a.ball@leeds.ac.uk) to receive the MS Team webinar link.

We are pleased to welcome author Professor Ben Rogaly (University of Sussex) to present his new book: Stories from a migrant city: living and working together in the shadow of Brexit

Nationalists and nativists often blame the figure of the immigrant ‘other’ for society’s ills, contrasting this with the ‘local’ or ‘native’ whose livelihood and way of life are seen as under threat from immigration. Being at ease with difference is seen as the worldview of a cosmopolitan elite. At the seminar, Ben Rogaly will read from and discuss his new book Stories from a Migrant City which argues for an urgent transformation of how such terms are understood and deployed. Drawing on eight years of research in an English provincial city and abiographical approach to oral history, the book challenges the ways in which people have come to be seen as ‘migrants’ or ‘locals’ and understood to have opposing interests. Non-elite cosmopolitanism is shown to be alive and well, in spite of racism, the legacies of empire and the devastating effects of four decades of neoliberalism

Ben Rogaly is a Professor in the Geography Department at the University of Sussex and a member of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research. His previous books include Moving Histories of Class and Community: Identity, Place and Belonging in Contemporary England (co-authored with Becky Taylor) based on research in Norwich where he lived for seven years during his previous job at the University of East Anglia. Ben’s earlier research involved long term residential fieldwork in West Bengal, India, where he focused on seasonal migration for agricultural and construction work.

Discussants: Dr Zyama Ciupijus (CERIC/Northern Exposure)

Please note, as with all events planned currently, the event is subject to change at short notice because of new COVID restrictions