Zinovijus Ciupijus



PhD (Business and Economic Studies), The University of Leeds
MA Human Resource Management, University of Bradford School of Management 
Bachelor in Psychology, Vilnius University, Lithuania


Undergraduate: Economic Institutions: Labour, Organization of Business, Strategic Human Resource Management, Gender and Equality, Diversity Management, Management, Work and Organisations and HRM research in practice; UG dissertation supervision

Post-graduate: MA HRM core module seminars/lectures, HRM in Global Perspective, International Empoyment Policy and Labour Mobility, MA dissertation supervision

Other administrative responsibilities:

Academic integrity champion
Academic CIPD coordinator 
Director of MA HRM programme


Research interests

My research interests are primarily centred around international labour migration. I am a qualitative researcher and tend to use a wide range of techniques and methods to explore the migration process. I have been engaged in studying the following issues: migration to destinations unaccustomed to ethnic diversity and representation of labour migrants on local, national and trasnational levels. My work is also focused on examining the migratory system which emerged between Central Eastern Europe and the UK in the aftermath of EU enlargement in 2004. Together with colleagues from the University of Western Australia and Renmin University of China we are examining the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the regulation of labour migration. Currently, I am also co-investigator on ESRC funded project Northern Exposure, for more see this link:


The list of topics of current research interest would include:

  • International labour migration
  • Labour mobility
  • Social intergration of migrant workers
  • Paid employment of migrants
  • Informal work
  • Ethnic Entrepreneurship 




Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change