Marketing research projects

Access the knowledge and insight of our taught postgraduate marketing students.

Our students work with you on tailor-made research projects, over a three-month period in the summer. This opportunity allows you access to the expertise of our talented and highly enthusiastic students studying MA Advertising and Marketing, MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy, MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations or MSc International Marketing Management. Our students are supervised by experienced faculty members from the Marketing Department at Leeds University Business School.

The Marketing Department is an established and internationally esteemed centre of excellence for research and teaching in marketing. It is one of the largest marketing departments in Europe and involves an active research community of academics at different levels of seniority, doctoral students, and international visiting fellows. The Department is also recognised as one of the leading centres of marketing learning and teaching in the world and offers specialised degree programmes that combine high academic standards with practical application in today's rapidly changing business environment. Academics in the Marketing Division provide cutting edge research-informed teaching by bringing their world-leading research and practice expertise into the classroom.

Professor Bulent Menguc, Head of Marketing Department

Throughout the duration of the research projects, our students work remotely, checking in with you every couple of weeks where necessary to update you on their progress. At the end of the project, students can present their findings and recommendations to your organisation or provide you with a written report. Confidentiality can be assured throughout the process.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Access to marketing insight and talented and enthusiastic students
  • Increase awareness of your company across the University
  • Collaborate with the University
  • Address your business research needs without stretching internal resources

Contact us

If you are interested in collaborating on a marketing research project, please contact Lynn Pattison or Nicky Kinsey at or on +44 (0)113 3439529. We can discuss your specific requirements and provide solutions.