WBRC Seminar: What influences the relationship between workplace bullying and employee health and well-being? A systematic review of moderators

Dr. Sam Farley, Associate Professor in Organizational Psychology discusses what influences the relationship between workplace bullying and employee health and well-being.

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Researchers have consistently shown the detrimental effects workplace bullying has on employee health and well-being. While there have been many studies examining moderating factors that worsen or mitigate bullying’s effects, the field lacks a common theoretical framework to integrate and explain these diverse moderators. This systematic review aims to identify, categorise, and evaluate variables that have been tested as moderators of the relationship between workplace bullying and health and well-being using the job demands-resources model. Fifty-six studies met the inclusion criteria, which reported on 180 tests of moderation. Using an established taxonomy, the moderators were categorised into home demands/resources (n = 2), personal demands/resources (n = 105), job demands/resources (n = 4), social demands/resources (n = 24), and organisational demands/resources (n = 41). Analysis revealed that eight moderators showed relatively consistent buffering effects: resilience, job autonomy, co-worker support, general workplace social support, workplace friendship, psychosocial safety climate, perceived organisational support, and high involvement work practices. Further cross-cultural and longitudinal research is needed to understand whether the influence of these moderators extends across time and different cultural contexts.  


About the speaker: 

Dr Sam Farley is an Associate Professor in Organizational Psychology at the University of Leeds Business School. He is particularly interested in the Dark Side of workplace behaviour, including bullying, cyberbullying and incivility. Within this field, his interests include the measurement of bullying, perpetrators of bullying and methods of preventing and addressing bullying in organisational life.  

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