Reducing food waste and food insecurity in the UK

The architecture of surplus food distribution supply chain

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The paradox that tonnes of food is wasted while people go hungry has raised concerns from national and international authorities. While the existing literature on surplus food distribution emphasises the role of third-sector organisations, research focussing on the actors in the supply chain and the coordination of surplus food is limited. This research explored actors and organisations in the surplus food supply chain at the city level. Our findings highlight a coordinated effort, cooperation, and collaboration between multiple actors in the supply chain; organisations were working together but also independently to reduce the uncertainties associated with food quality and quantity. However, a lack of supporting policies has led to several challenges affecting the sustainability of the surplus food supply chain. Given the complexity of the food waste and food insecurity problem, multiple stakeholders within and outside the supply chain are important to improve the efficiency of surplus food distribution.

Short Bio:

Dr Mishra is an Associate Professor in Information Management with a strong track record of publications in the Circular Economy. She has been working with several organisations (commercial and charities) in the UK to investigate how to capture value when transiting from linear to the circular economy business model. Jyoti's current research interest is in understanding technology use in organisations. She is investigating the role of disruptive technologies in creating value for organisations especially by using emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things.