Professor Kevin Keasey


BA, MA & PhD (All Econ)




Kevin was the long-term Head of the Accounting and Finance (A&F) department, stepping down in 2017. He developed the department within Leeds University Business School (LUBS) from a 1 rating in 1989 to recognised 5 ratings in later REF exercises.  The A&F department achieved the truly unique position of being ranked 1st in all the UK league tables for teaching excellence in 2016/17.

He also established the International Banking Institute in 1997, the Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance in 2005 and the Leeds Enterprise Centre in 2009.  In addition, Kevin initiated a range of successful MBA and MA programmes at home and overseas,  and jointly directed the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Financial Sector Scheme for managers from the former Soviet Union (a £4.5 million scheme in current value terms).

Research and PhD Supervision

12,049 Citations, 55 H-Index and 135 10 Index.

Kevin is the author of 14 books, monographs and edited volumes on corporate governance, banking, small firms and decision making.  His latest book is with Charlie Cai – Experts versus the Evidence: A Practical Guide to Stock Investing, John Wiley.

He is the author of over 145 refereed articles in leading international journals.  Recent selected articles include:

  • ‘CEO Turnover in Large Banks: Does Tail Risk Matter?’, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2017, 64, 37-55, (with A. Srivastav, F. Vallascas and S. Mollah). 
  •  ‘Market Reaction to Earnings News: A Unified Test of Information Risk and Transaction Costs’, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2013, 56, 251-266, (with Q. Zhang and C. Cai). 
  • ‘Market Development, Information Diffusion and the Global Anomaly Puzzle’, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming, (with L. Peng, C. Cai and Q. Zhang).
  • ‘When Banks Grow Too Big for their National Economies: Tail Risks, Risk Channels and Government Guarantees’,Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2018, 52, 5, 1-26, (with J. Hagendorff and F. Vallascas).
  • ‘Are Market-Based Rankings of Global Systemic Importance of Financial Institutions Useful to Regulators and Supervisors?’, 2015, 47, 7, 1403-1422, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, (with C. Cai, F. Vallascas and Q. Zhang). 

Kevin’s research has received international recognition and he is one of only 4 UK academics to be ranked both in the top 100 (top 1%) for the past 50 years of global accounting research output in the 25 leading accounting journals and in the top 4% for the past 50 years of global finance research output in the 25 leading finance journals (Heck, 2009). 

He has supervised 50 PhD students, with many progressing to senior academic and corporate positions across the globe. 


Kevin has taught across the whole range of accounting, finance and banking subjects.  He has always received excellent feedback, a recent example (2020) being

“I am writing to ask for a book recommendation. I've just graduated and behavioural finance was by far my most enjoyable module throughout the university (thanks in no small part to your great lectures), and despite going into accounting, I would still like to keep learning about behavioural finance” {student from the 3rd year Behavioural Finance module}.

He has been  awarded the Dean’s prize for teaching excellence on more than one occasion.


Kevin has substantial experience as a founder, executive and non-executive in private and listed companies.  He has advised local and health authorities on matters of strategy and governance.


  • Director, International Banking Institute (IBI)
  • Director, Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance
  • International Banking Institute

Current postgraduate researchers