Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Abeer Alaydi Abeer Alaydi MSc International Business Jordanian
Student and alumni profiles | subject areas | University of Leeds Abisola Atoyegbe MSc Global Strategy and Innovation Management British
Achumile Majija (MBA 2010) Achumile Majija Full-time MBA South African
Adam Scott (MSc Organizational Psychology 2015) Adam Scott MSc Organizational Psychology British
Adan Ali Adan Ali BA Management Kenyan
Alan Chan Alan Chan Full-time MBA Australian
Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo MSc International Business Mexican
Alexey Partasov Alexey Partasov MSc Management Russian
Alkan Dogan Alkan Dogan MSc Management German
Ambreen Ali MSc Information Systems and Information Management 2015 Ambreen Ali MSc Information Systems and Information Management British
Amy outside of the Esther Simpson building Amy Punchard BA Management with Marketing British
Andrew Green Andrew Green MSc Enterprise
Anna Magos (MSc Organizational Psychology 2013) Anna Magos MSc Organizational Psychology Hungarian
MSc Digital information management and systems innovations student Anshika. Anshika Shailey MSc Digital Information Management and Systems Innovation Indian
Antonia Benson Antonia Benson MSc Enterprise British
Arandeep Kaur Arandeep Kaur BSc International Business Indian
Ashley Ross Ashley Ross BSc International Business and Marketing (Year in Enterprise) British
Profile shot of MSc Management Consulting student Azma. Azma Azis MSc Management Consulting Bruneian
Blake Smith-Tyler Blake Smith-Tyler BA Management with Marketing (Ind) British
Catherine Rickmann Catherine Rickmann MSc International Business German
Chenbo Fang Chenbo Fang MSc Management Consulting
Chris Campbell sitting outside on Western Campus, Leeds University Business School Chris Campbell BSc Economics and Management British
Chris Wilson Chris Wilson MSc International Business British
Claire Philp Claire Philp MSc Organizational Psychology British
Daniel Ramirez Daniel Ramirez Full-time MBA Colombian
David Yodaiken on set during his internship at Bentley Motors David Yodaiken MSc Organizational Psychology British
Dr Sahas Bunditkul Dr Sahas Bunditkul Full-time MBA Thai
Edoardo David Edoardo David MSc Enterprise Italian
Eleanor Comradie (MSc Management 2017) Eleanor Conradie MSc Management British
Ellie Stroud Ellie Stroud BSc International Business and Marketing British
Eliot Warburton Elliot Warburton MSc International Business British
Emily Catterson outside on the Western Campus, Leeds University Business School Emily Catterson BSc Business Analytics (Ind) British
Emily Cummins (BA Business Management 2010) Emily Cummins BA Business Management British
Emily Pike Emily Pike MSc Management British
Ettore Bassignani (MSc International Business 2015) Ettore Bassignani MSc International Business Italian
Feng Li MSc Information Systems and Information Management 2015 Feng Li MSc Information Systems and Information Management Chinese
Giovanni Baffetti Giovanni Baffetti MSc International Business Italian
Grecia Gonzalez Grecia González Gómez MSc Global Supply Chain Management Mexican
Ha Pham (MSc Enterprise 2018) Ha Pham MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Vietnamese
MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences student, Himani. Himani Aggarwal MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences Indian
Hira Saeed Hira Saeed MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment British
Hugo Tsagliotis (MSc International Business 2013) Hugo Tsagliotis MSc International Business Greek
Iain Todd (EMBA 2016) Iain Todd Executive MBA British
Ilenia Biavati (MSc International Business) Ilenia Biavati MSc International Business
Indra Batbayar Indra Batbayar MSc Global Innovation Management Mongolian
Isaac Crawford Isaac Crawford BA Management British
Image of student James Tucker James Tucker BSc Business Analytics British
Jason Dainter 400 400 Jason Dainter BSc Computing and Management British
Jennifer Galvan (MSc Organizational Psychology 2012) Jennifer Galvan MSc Organizational Psychology American
Jo Wardle (Executive MBA 2015) Jo Wardle Executive MBA British
Jodie Legrand Jodie Legrand BA Management British
Jordan Garbutt at Prozone Sports Jordan Garbutt Executive MBA British
Joshua Hull Joshua Hull BA Management British
Joshua Irish Joshua Irish BSc Geography and Management British
Kalyani inside the Esther Simpson café Kalyani Mathur MSc Management Consulting Indian
Katy Davies (MSc Organizational Psychology 2014) Katy Davies MSc Organizational Psychology British
Katy Ingham Katy Ingham BA Management British
Katy Jacks sitting outside the Charles Thackrah building Katy Jacks BA Management with Marketing (Ind) British
Keshav Bansal Keshav Bansal BA Management (Ind) Indian
Kevin Mochi (MSc International Business) Kevin Mochi MSc International Business Italian
Lawrence Hatfield (MSc Global Supply Chain Management 2015) Lawrence Hatfield MSc Global Supply Chain Management British
Lewis Hodges Lewis Hodges MSc Management Consulting
Lingya Zhou Lingya Zhou BSc International Business Chinese
Liz Goddard (MSc Enterprise 2018) Liz Goddard MSc Enterprise British
Louisa O'Brien Louisa O'Brien MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences British
Margot Collet (MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment 2017) Margot Collet MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment French
Matteo Righetti Matteo Righetti Full-time MBA Italian
Matthew Ward outside his workplace Matthew Ward Executive MBA British
Max Peters Max Peters MSc Global Supply Chain Management German
Aritad Choicharoon Aritad Choicharoon MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences Thai
Zumin Zhang Ms Zumin Zhang Full-time MBA Chinese
Nat Southworth holding bricksub paperwork Nat Southworth Executive MBA British
Natalie Tuck (MSc International Business 2013) Natalie Tuck MSc International Business British
Neha Singh Neha Singh Full-time MBA Indian
Neha outside the Maurice Keyworth building Neha Singh MSc Management Consulting Indian
Nikhil Hegde (MBA 2014) Nikhil Hegde Full-time MBA Indian
Nikhil sat inside the Esther Simpson café Nikhil Sabhagchandani MSc Management Consulting Indian
Ning Lu (PhD) Ning Lu PhD Chinese
Nishant standing outside smiling Nishant Nishant Executive MBA
Nitin Jain Nitin Jain MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences Indian
Nnamdi Chineme Nnamdi Chineme Full-time MBA
Oke Maduewesi (Full time MBA 2010) Oke Maduewesi Full-time MBA Nigerian
Olga Tretyak Olga Tretyak BA Management with Marketing (Ind) Ukrainian
Olusola Abiodun Kayode Olusola Abiodun Kayode MA Management Studies Nigerian
Oluwatoyin Bakare Oluwatoyin Bakare MSc Information Systems and Information Management Nigerian
Paula outside on the Maurice Keyworth balcony Paula Lopez BA Management with Marketing Spanish
Phil Spooner at the Super Bowl stadium Phil Spooner Full-time MBA British
Phillipa Coan Phillipa Coan PhD British
Rasheed Ahmad Rasheed Ahmad Full-time MBA Indian
Revannth Narmatha Murugesan Revannth Narmatha Murugesan MSc International Business
Robert Conway Robert Conway MSc Enterprise British
Rocio Iglesias Rocio Iglesias MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment Spanish
Ryan Monis (MBA 2010) Ryan Monis Full-time MBA Dutch
Sadie Nicholas Sadie Nicholas BA Management (Ind) British
Safiyyah Hafiji (BA Management with Marketing) Safiyyah Hafiji BA Management with Marketing (Year in Enterprise) British
Saleh Kadi Saleh Kadi MSc Information Systems and Information Management Saudi Arabian
Saloni at Leeds University Business School Saloni Dikshit MSc Business Psychology Indian
Sam Warren (MSc Organizational Psychology 2018) Sam Warren MSc Organizational Psychology British
Sam Zubaidi Sam Zubaidi BSc Economics and Management
Sanjukta Chatterjee (MBA 2010) Sanjukta Chatterjee Full-time MBA Indian
Sarah sitting at a table looking at the camera Sarah Lund Executive MBA British
Sebastian Meyer Sebastian Meyer MSc Management German
Selina Richards Selina Richards BA Geography and Management British
Serge Reh Serge Reh MSc International Business German
Postgraduate researcher Sherif Youssef Sherif Youssef
Shu Wen Lee Shu Wen Lee MSc Enterprise
Siddha Maloo Siddha Maloo MSc International Business Indian
Simon West Simon West BSc Management British
Siobhan Quinn Siobhan Quinn MSc International Business British
Sophie inside the Charles Thackrah building Sophie Feechan BA Business Management British
Stefy Anna Aniyan Stefy Anna Aniyan MSc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences Indian
Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Executive MBA British
Steven Marcelino Steven Marcelino BSc International Business and Finance Indonesian
Stuart Pendlebury (MBA 2010) Stuart Pendlebury Full-time MBA British
Sumit Rathour (MSC International Business 2007) Sumit Rathour MSc International Business Indian
Sylvia Kwamboka Ong’ondi (MSc Management 2015) Sylvia Kwamboka Ong’ondi MSc Management Kenyan
Tosin sitting in a corporate office Tosin Ibikunle Full-time MBA Nigerian
Tsz yan joey kong MBA 2014 Tsz Yan (Joey) Kong Full-time MBA
Vijay Kannan Vijay Kannan BA Management with Marketing (Ind) Indian
Virginia Galster Virginia Galster MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment German
Vita Kadile (MSc International Marketing Management 2010) Vita Kadile MSc International Marketing Management Latvian
Wei Zhong Wei Zhong MSc Management Consulting Chinese
Wilma Yingqi Wu Wilma Yingqi Wu BSc International Business Chinese
Chu Cheng Wu (MSc Management 2012) Wu Chu Cheng MSc Management Taiwanese
Yimin Wang (MSc International Business 2013) Yimin Wang MSc International Business Chinese
Yue Lu Yue Lu MSc Management Consulting
Zainab Atia Zainab Atia MSc Management Consulting Lebanese
Ziying Gong Ziying Gong BSc International Business Chinese