Mohammad Ahammad

Associate Professor of International Business

+44 (0) 113 343 5409
Academic, Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL), International Business
Room 1.13, 14-20 Cromer Terrace


PhD (International Business), University of Sheffield, UK

MSc (Finance), Leeds Beckett University, UK

PGCHE, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK


Dr Mohammad Faisal Ahammad is an Associate Professor of International Business.  He is an active researcher in the field of international business, particularly in the area of cross-border mergers and acquisitions. His work has appeared in the British Journal of Management, Journal of World Business, Journal of Organizational Behavior, International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Human Resource Management (USA), Group & Organisation Management, International Journal of HRM, and elsewhere.

Dr Ahammad is an Editorial Board Member of British Journal of Management. He served as a guest editor for the special issues at Thunderbird International Business Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Studies in Management & Organisation, Human Resource Management Review.

Prior to joining the University of Leeds, he worked as a Reader at Sheffield Hallam University, UK and as a Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, UK.



Dr Ahammad mainly focuses on the management of Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As), Cross Border M&A as a foreign market entry strategy. In addition, Dr Ahammad explores organisational ambidexterity and strategic agility in an international context.



LUBS3860 International Strategic Management

LUBS0050 Introduction to International Business

LUBS5267M International Business Theory


Journal Articles

Ahammad, M. F., Tarba, S. Y., Fraynas, G. and Scola, A. (2017) Integration of nonmarket and market activities in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. British Journal of Management (ABS 4). Forthcoming.

Khan, Z., Soundararajan, V., Wood, G, and Ahammad (2017) Employee Emotional resilience during Post-Merger integration: The Role of Rewards and Organizational Justice. Journal of Word Business (ABS 4) Forthcoming.

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Ahammad, M. F., Lee, S. M., Malul, M. and Shoham, A. (2015) Behavioural Ambidexterity – The impact of financial incentives on employee motivation, productivity and performance of commercial bank, Human Resource Management, (Wiley, ABS 4), Vol. 54 (S1), s45–s62.

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