Gaston Yalonetzky

Gaston Yalonetzky


+44 (0)113 3430199
Academic, Applied Institute of Research in Economics (AIRE), Economics
GM.15, Maurice Keyworth Building

Qualifications (CV)

Dphil Economics, University of Oxford, 2008

MSc Development Economics, University of Oxford, 2004

B.A. Economics, Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru, 1999


2011 to date: Lecturer in Economics at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds.

2008 to 2011: Research Officer at Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

Grants, funded academic activity, and consultancy work

InGRID, research visit grant, LISER, Luxembourg, July, 2015.

Commissioned paper (with Indranil Dutta) "The counting approach to multidimensional deprivation", for the Asian Development Bank, 2014.

Technical report "El empleo de indices de pobreza multidimensional para la focalizacion de politicas publicas: algunos aspectos metodologicos" (The use of multidimensional poverty indices for the targeting of public policies: some methodological aspects), for the Peruvian Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, 2013.

Commissioned paper " Movilidad intergeneracional de la educacion en Mexico" (Intergenerational mobility of education in Mexico"), for the Centro de Estudios Espinosa Yglesias (CEEY), Mexico D.F., 2013.

Background paper "Agencia de los padres y logros de los hijos: explorando el caso de America Latina" (Agency of the parents and achievement of the children: exporing the case of America Latina), with Emma Samman and Maria Emma Santos, for the UNDP, Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean 2010, New York: LACRD, UNDP.

Editorial activities

Associate Editor, Oxford Development Studies: 2010 to date.


Distributional analysis

Public and Welfare Economics

Economic development

Applied Statistics


LUBS 5142M Distributional Analysis in Economic Development

LUBS 1270 Statistics for Economics and Business 1

LUBS 3330 Economic Development

Dissertation supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level

PhD thesis supervision 


Director of Economics Masters programs: 2013-2015.


Academic journal articles

“Inequality of opportunity in Mexico”, with Luis Angel Monroy and Roberto Velez-Grajales, Journal of Income Distribution, forthcoming.

“Inequality and Welfare in Quality of Life Among OECD Countries: Non-parametric Treatment of Ordinal Data”, with Martyna Kobus and Olga Polchlopek, 2018, Social Indicators Research, forthcoming.

"The state of female autonomy in India: A stochastic dominance approach", with Kausik Chaudhuri, 2018, Journal of Development Studies, Vol 54(8): 1338-1353.

"Measuring chronic multidimensional poverty", with Sabina Alkire, Mauricio Apablaza, and Satya Chakravarty, 2017, Journal of Policy Modelling, 39(6): 983-1006.

"Fuzzy chronic poverty: A proposed response to measurement error for intertemporal poverty measurement", with Catherine Porter, 2017, Review of Income and Wealth

"Robust inequality comparisons based on ordinal attributes with Kolm-independent measures", 2016, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 36(4): 2203-8.

"When more does not necessarily mean better: Health-related illfare comparisons with non-monotone wellbeing relationships", with Mauricio Apablaza and Florent Bresson, 2016, Review of Income and Wealth, Vol. 62(S1): S145-78.

"Relative income change and pro-poor growth", with Marek Kosny, 2015, Economia Politica, Vol 32(3): 311-27.

"Relative bipolarization Lorenz curve", 2014, Economics Bulletin, Vol 34(2): 1103-13.

"On bipolarization and the middle-class in Latin America: A look at the first decade of the twenty first century", with Joseph Deutsch and Jacques Silber, 2014, Review of Income and Wealth, Vol 60 (Issue Supplement 2): 332-52.

 "Conditions for the most robust multidimensional poverty comparisons using counting measures and ordinal variables", 2014, Social Choice and Welfare, Vol 43(4): 773-807.

"Stochastic dominance with ordinal variables: conditions and a test", 2013, Econometric Reviews, Vol 31(1): 126-63.

"A dissimilarity index of multidimensional inequality of opportunity", 2012, Journal of Economic Inequality, Vol 10(3): 343-373.

 "Measuring group disadvantage with inter-distributional inequality indices: a critical review and some amendments to existing indices", 2012, Economics E-Journal, Vol. 6, 2012-9.

 "Inequality of opportunity in India: changes over time and across states", with Niaz Asadullah, 2012, World Development, Vol. 40 (6): 1151-63.

Book chapters

"The benchmark of maximum relative bipolarisation", 2017, Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 25.

"The necessary requirement of median independence for relative bipolarisation measurement", 2017, Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 25.

"Dissimilarity Index", 2016, The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism.

"Measuring Multidimensional Deprivation with Dichotomized and Ordinal Variables", with Jacques Silber, 2013, in Betti, G. and Lemmi, A. (eds) Poverty and Social Exclusion: New Methods of Analysis, Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy.

"Measuring inequality of life chances with ordinal variables", with Jacques Silber, 2011, Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 19.

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