Aristeidis Theotokis

Aris Theotokis

Associate Professor of Marketing

+44 (0) 113 343 0706
Academic, Marketing, Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre (GLOSMARC)


PhD, Marketing and Information Systems, Athens University of Economics and Business
Msc, Operational Research, University of Edinburgh
Bsc, Industrial Management and Technology, University of Piraeus


Dr Aristeidis Theotokis is Associate Professor of Marketing at Leeds University Business School. He holds a BSc in Industrial Management and Technology from the University of Piraeus, an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD from Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked as an adjunct Lecturer in the University of Central Greece and in the Business College of Athens and as a Research Fellow in the ELTRUN Research Centre, in Athens University of Economics and Business.

He has industrial and academic experience in the fields of e-business, services marketing, consumer behaviour and retailing. His research has received strong recognition in the form of best paper awards and funding from research councils, government organizations and large multinational companies. His work has been published in high-quality academic journals such as Journal of Retailing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management and European Journal of Marketing.


Research interests of Dr Aristeidis Theotokis lie in the area of services marketing, consumer behavior and technology adoption in retailing. Mainly, he is studying consumer responses to innovative services in retailing. He is investigating consumer responses to self-service technologies and technology-based services according to the Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME) initiative. Moreover, he is interested in consumer responses to innovative pricing and promotion tactics such as dynamic promotion or expiration-date based pricing. He is also investigating consumer behavior in retailing regarding issues of emotional attachment with retail brands and corporate social responsibility.


Marketing Research - MSc
Advertising and Promotional Management - BSc


Journal Articles

“Shopping missions: An analytical method for the identification of shopper need states” ( with Sarantopoulos, Pramatari and Doukidis)  Journal of Business Research ( 2015) in-press

“Greening the lodging industry: Current status, trends and perspectives for green value”, (with Manganari and Dimara) Current Issues in Tourism (2015), in press

“The Impact of Choice Architecture on Sustainable Consumer Behavior: The Role of Guilt”, (with Manganari), Journal of Business Ethics, (2014), in-press

“Multi-Country Sales-force Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: The Moderating Role of Job Satisfaction Elements”, (with Vlachos, Panagopoulos, and Singh), International Journal of Human Resources Management, (2014), in-press

“Effects of Expiration Date-Based Pricing on Brand Image Perceptions”, (with Pramatari and Tsiros), Journal of Retailing (2012), 88 (1), pp. 72-87, DOI: 10.1016/j.jretai.2011.06.003 

 “Sales-Force Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: Attributions, Outcomes, and the Mediating Role of Organizational Trust”, (with Vlachos and Panagopoulos) Industrial Marketing Management (2010), 39 (7), pp. 1207-1218, DOI: 10.1016/j.indmarman.2010.02.004  

  “RFID acceptance amongst customers: a cross-cultural framework Based on Hofstede”, (with Brennan and Vecchi), International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management (2010), 4 (3), pp. 228-251, DOI: 10.1504/IJECRM.2010.035964

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 "The Moderating Role of Customer-Technology Contact on Attitude towards Technology-Based Services", (with Vlachos and Pramatari), European Journal of Information Systems (2008), 17 (4), pp. 343-351, DOI

Book Chapters

Vecchi, A., L. Brennan & A. Theotokis (2009). Customers’ acceptance of new service technologies: the case of RFID, in The Handbook on Business Information Systems, Gunasekaran, A., and  Sanduh, M. (Eds.)

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