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Ged Hall is the Academic Development Consultant for Research Impact at the University of Leeds. Hannah Preston is Leeds University Business School's Research Communications Manager. Dr Jana Javornik is Associate Professor of Work and Employment Relations.

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In the University’s fortnightly “Research Culture Uncovered” podcast, the team is asking what is “research culture” and why does it matter? In this bonus episode, Ged Hall, Academic Development Consultant for Research Impact, chats to Hannah Preston, Research Communications Manager from Leeds University Business School, and Dr Jana Javornik, Associate Professor of Work and Employment Relations, also in the Business School. 

Listen to the episode here. 

Hannah has been the driving force behind the Business School's Research and Innovation podcast since 2020. She joined forces with Jana in late 2023 to launch a new podcast called The Business of Policymaking

The three key takeaways from the discussion of podcasting in the academic field were:  

1.  Podcasts are a powerful tool for transforming complex academic research into accessible discussions, broadening its impact. 

2.  Cultivating a dedicated listener base that can translate insights into action is more valuable than chasing download statistics. 

3.   Hosting podcasts offers unique learning experiences and the opportunity to hear from a diverse range of influential voices. 

About Research Culture Uncovered 

Hosts: Emma Spary, Tony Bromley, Ged Hall, Ruth Winden and Nick Sheppard 

At the University of Leeds, we believe that all members of our research community play a crucial role in developing and promoting a positive and inclusive research culture. Across the globe, the urgent need for a better research culture in Higher Education is widely accepted – but how do you make it happen? This podcast focuses on our ideas, approaches and learning as we contribute to the University's attempt to create a Research Culture in which everyone can thrive. Whether you undertake, lead, fund or benefit from research - these are the conversations to listen to if you want to explore what a positive Research Culture is and why it matters. 

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