Professor Nicholas Wilson

Professor Nicholas Wilson


Nick Wilson BA (hons), Phd, is Professor of Credit and Finance at the University of Leeds and Director of the Credit Management Research Centre. Previous appointments include the WZB Berlin, Department of Economics, University of Warwick and Bradford Management Centre. Nick was appointed as Professor of Credit Management in 1993 and moved to Leeds in 1998. He has worked closely with the credit industry and policy-makers. He established the spin-out risk scoring company, CreditScorer in 2001 and has worked on risk management and scoring problems for major lenders in consumer and commercial lending. He has an international reputation for academic work on credit analytics and forecasting, corporate finance and performance, private equity portfolio company performance, venture capital, family business governance and performance, trade finance and entrepreneurship. He has a keen interest in the development of Financial Technology and emergent FinTechs and continues to work closely with financial services and the credit industry on the development and application of analytics in lending and debt management including AI and neural networks. His work on venture capital investment has informed policy and practice. Research that quantified the nature and scale of the ‘equity gap’ was used directly by the government in their case and rationale for policy intervention (Enterprise Investment Scheme).  Changes to the EIS were announced (2015) and implemented (April 2018) based on recommendations in the research. Further analysis commissioned by BEIS has quantified the size of the equity gap in the UK regions.  

The Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC) was established in 1998, sponsored by the credit industry, and has developed a unique reputation for work that combines academic rigor with policy and practical relevance. This has been key to establishing an international academic reputation, regular consultations with governments on policy issues, practitioner relevance and strong impact case studies. The research agenda emphasizes relevance to individuals, practitioners, organizations and public interest. The work of CMRC has a track record of the wide dissemination and communication of research outputs through practitioner reports and extensive media and press coverage. CMRC has over the last 20 years worked with the government to inform policy debate, policy implementation and audit (HM Treasury, BIS, NAO, EU). 


  • Head of Accounting and Finance
  • Director, Credit Management Research Centre

Research interests

Professor Wilson has written 100+ papers in academic and professional journals on corporate risk, trade credit, management buy-outs, private equity and venture capital, family and small business, and related topics. He has over 6,500 citations on google scholar and a h-index of 75.

Policy Related Work  Professor Wilson sat on the Better Payment Practice Group (1997-2007). He provided analysis to BIS and Ministers on the impact of legislation (The Late payment of Commercial Debts Interest Act, 1998) and other interventions aimed at improving trade credit payment behaviour towards small firms. BIS commissioned him, to write a policy report: An Investigation into Payment Trends and Behaviour 1997-2007, published in 2008. Professor Wilson has acted as a consultant on issues of credit and debt management, credit scoring and modelling and policy for major organisations in the financial services, corporate sector and government. He has acted as a consultant for the National Audit Office, Office of Fair Trading, Department of Trade and Industry, The Stationery Office (Insolvency Forecasting) and UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) amongst others. He has competed a series of commissioned reports on debt management and collection in the government sector (e.g. HMRC, The Redundancy Payment Service and the Criminal Justice System). The work on the HMRC collections and recovery systems was reported in a series of NAO reports and recommendations. He has completed other consultancy projects on diverse subjects such as; advertising and competition policy (OFT); labour demand and training in the Museums sector; advertising on BBC radio (Peacock Inquiry). He was appointed to a Government ‘Expert Working Group’ on consumer credit information in 2008. A series of reports for the Welsh Assembly was produced in 2010-2013 on SME performance in Wales and on growth firms in Wales and the regions. He was a panel member for the Independent Commission on Banking’s public forum in Leeds, November 2010. He was on the Expert Economists sub-panel of the Breedon Task Force 2012 which was commissioned to “examine structural and behavioural barriers to the development of alternative debt markets in the UK” in advance of the 2012 Budget. His work on board composition and female directorships was cited in the recent Davies Report, ‘Women on Boards”(BIS, 2011) and reported in the international press. Joint work with Imperial College (Professor Mike Wright) on Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments has been published in leading academic journals and has been widely reported in the international business press (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, Economist). Most recently he has provided policy related analysis on Venture Capital investment to HM Treasury and BIS

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  • BA (hons) Applied Economics
  • Phd (Nottingham)

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  • FICM

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LUBS2226 Applied Credit Analytics

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  • Credit Management Research Centre

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